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chlorella clorophyll

This is What Chlorella Does to Your Body: 7 Science-Backed Benefits

This humble green freshwater algae boasts chlorophyll, protein, and micronutrients. The science-backed uses of chlorella include anti-aging and heart health benefits.

Green powder

Not All Greens Powders Are Created Equal: These 3 Are Dietitian-Approved

Quality seriously matters when it comes to selecting the best greens powder. Learn what a registered dietitian discovered when researching a range of greens powders.

6 all natural immune boosters for cold and flu season

6 All-Natural Immune Boosters

Stay healthy through cold and flu season with these 6 all-natural immune system boosters.

5 stress busting benefits of ashwagandha

5 Proven Stress-Busting Benefits of Ashwagandha (Plus Our Go-To Picks!)

Ashwagandha is the go-to adaptogen for people feeling stressed and burned out. Discover five great benefits of this plant and how to get them in your diet.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes: The Better-Health Secret to Beating Bloat and Food Comas

Digestive enzymes just may be the health miracle you've been hoping for--find out how they can improve much more than just your digestion

13 Adaptogens that Help You Conquer Stress

13 Adaptogens to Help You Conquer Stress

The adaptogenic herb club is an exclusive one -- check out these superheroes of the plant world, and see which brands we recommend.