Which GreenPan Cookware Set is Right for Your Kitchen? See Our Chef’s 5 Picks

Cook smart -- see which GreenPan cookware set is right for you. PFAS and ‘Forever Chemical’ free for safe cooking. Tested and reviewed by our in-house chef.

When it comes to ceramic coated, non stick cookware, GreenPan has been one of our all-time faves (it’s featured in two of our most-read guides on the site, The Best Non-Toxic Cookware Brands, Tested and 6 Safe Non-Toxic Bakeware Materials to Consider). 

GreenPan is an industry leader in sustainable nonstick cookware and has been ever since it pioneered Thermolon, the first PFAS free ceramic non-stick coating in 2007. Their game changing proprietary technology stands in stark contrast to traditional nonstick pans made with dangerous PFAS and PTFE chemicals, now known as “Forever Chemicals” because they pollute humans and the environment. Read on to learn more. 

Choosing the Right GreenPan Cookware Set

But with so many different lines to choose from, it can be tough to zero in on just which is the right one for you. Luckily, we’ve done the dirty work for you, testing the various lines until we discovered our favorites. We’ve also put a ton of ceramic cookware sets to the test, along with stainless steel, carbon steel and cast iron. What can we say? We’re clean cookware test obsessed.

Here are our top GreenPan cookware set picks, tested by our founder and editor-in-chief of Organic Authority, Laura Klein—and she’s got the goods and experience to back her recommendations. A trained chef and organic foodie, Klein has 10+ years of experience testing non-toxic, nonstick cookware. Yes, really.

Here are Here are our top 5 chef-tested GreenPan sets:

1. The Beautiful Work HorseThe GP5 Collection
2. The Sleek and ChicGP5 Stainless
3. The Bold and the ColorfulThe Reserve Line
4. The Minimalist Venice Pro Noir
5. The Award WinnerValencia Pro
Wondering which GreenPan line is best? Here are our five favorite cookware sets.

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Our Review of the Best GreenPan Sets

Before we can get into what makes GreenPan one of the most durable non stick ceramic coated cookware sets on the market, we need to first talk about what sets their non-toxic, nonstick technology apart—Thermolon.

What is Thermolon?

Dutch Baby pancake  cooked in a non-toxic, non stick GreenPan Fry Pan, from one of GreenPans popular cookware sets, fresh out of the oven. GreenPan's cookware is ceramic coated nontoxic cookware.
We chose GreenPan sets that are able to go right in the oven.Credit: GreenPan

GreenPan is an industry pioneer in the world of non-toxic nonstick thanks to their invention of Thermolon, a coating that the brand launched in 2007.

“GP5 is by far my favorite set in the GreenPan lineup,” says Chef Laura Klein. “I’ve tested the Valencia Pro, Venice Pro/Noir, The Reserve, and the GP5 Stainless Steel, and I think the GP5 has to be my favorite by GreenPan. Why? The nonstick innovation GreenPan has made in the GP5 shows.”

Thermolon was the very first ceramic nonstick coating without any plastic, PFOA, or PFAS — and that’s a very good thing for those who are concerned with their health and that of the environment. (To learn more about why these chemicals are so worrisome, check out our timeline of the dirty history of traditional nonstick.)

So what’s so bad about the chemicals used in traditional PTFE nonstick? Most contain perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)1 – a class of man-made chemicals linked to various health problems, including testicular and kidney cancer, infertility, liver damage, and thyroid disease.2,3 

Not only that, they’re known as “forever chemicals” because they never break down in the environment and can build up in human blood and organs.

Standing in stark contrast, we have GreenPan’s Thermolon which eliminates these risks by being entirely PFAS-free. Not to mention GreenPan’s production process boasts a significantly lower environmental impact compared to traditional coatings made with PTFE and other PFAS chemicals.

Thanks to GreenPan’s initiatives and staunch commitment to sustainable values, not only does Thermolon generate 60% fewer CO2 emissions than traditional nonstick during its curing process, but GreenPan’s factories — all of which it owns, and thus controls — run on 30% solar energy.

Which GreenPan Cookware Set is best?

Colorful line of GreenPan non-toxic ceramic pans hanging on the wall in a kitchen via Organic Authority. Choose your color before it becomes unavailable, as they add new colors to fit the season or style.
Credit: GreenPan

GreenPan produces several different lines of cookware, and while all are eco-conscious and non-toxic, there are clear differences and best-uses between the collections. Our EIC Laura Klein tested the different cookware sets, and these are our top picks.

1. The GP5 Infinite8 Ceramic NonStick Collection

GreenPan cookware GP5 line, via Organic Authority which has a high customer overall average rating value if you visit their site and search through their lines, customers also love that they ship free over a certain amount and this set falls in that category.
Credit: GreenPan

Set your cooking apart with GreenPan’s newest line, GP5. Influenced by 15 years of cook-centric innovations, which led to the creation of Infinite8 ceramic, GP5 is the most advanced ceramic nonstick collection they’ve ever designed. It’s the 8th generation of their nonstick coating. They never stop innovating their non-stick technology, while other brands don’t. Others may innovate on colors and design, but not the coating.

“GP5 is by far my favorite set in the GreenPan lineup,” says Chef Laura Klein. “I’ve tested the Valencia Pro, Venice Pro/Noir, The Reserve, and GP5 Stainless Steel, and I think the GP5 has to be my favorite by GreenPan. Why? The nonstick innovation GreenPan has made in the GP5 shows.”

Here Are The GP5 Infinite8 Specs

It Has Extra Thick Heavy-Gauge Armored Bodies

This collection comes with one of their thickest bodies at 5mm, which we love because it makes them durable. 

It’s Metal Utensil Safe

Some other key features of this collection include that it’s metal utensil safe (cue applause, please!). That’s a big deal because even traditional PTFE nonstick cookware and other ceramic-coated nonstick pans are not metal utensil resistant.

It Has Silhouette Rivets

If you’re obsessive about cleaning the small bits of food out of your pots and pans rivets, GreenPan took care of this. This line has silhouette rivets to minimize trapped food.

It’s Oven Safe, Dishwasher and Induction Safe

GP5 cookware sets are oven safe up to 600 degrees (which most nonstick cookware is not and doesn’t even come close to this).

It’s dishwasher safe, although we recommend hand washing to lengthen the life of the cookware set.

This cookware set works on gas, electric and induction stovetops.

The Balance Pro Base

One of the most innovative features of the GP5 line is the Balance Pro Base. Ever notice how your oil pools to the sides of your pan? Not so with the Balance Pro Base (as long as your stove is perfectly flat!). Pretty nifty if you ask us.

“I cook eggs most mornings, and I don’t have to use a lot of oil to ensure that my eggs don’t stick to the pan,” Klein goes on to say.

“I also love the weight of the pans. The GP5 is a little heavier, but not too heavy. These pans are about twice as thick as most pans on the market. Even my mother who is older and doesn’t like heavy pans loves the weight, and my husband agrees too. 

“The extra thickness helps with even heat distribution to ensure there are no hot spots. I also like the opaque stainless steel lids as well. When I’m not making eggs in the morning I’ll make oatmeal and the cleanup is easy breezy for both pans.

“I also love the durability,” says Klein. “My mother is hard on pans and after using the GP5 for about six months, shockingly, we still don’t have any scratches and they are still slick.”

Here’s What You Get with the GP5 Infinite8 Cookware Set

Image of the GP5 set in rain forest dark green in a pretty, light kitchen, 3 pieces on a countertop with a cutting board with asparagus and lemon, next to a wood bowl of lemons, two frypans hang from a rod alongside a white kitchen towel. These cookware sets come with the free shipping offer which you'll see once you add to cart.
  • 9.5 and 11 inch frypan
  • 3-quart saucepan and lid
  • 3-quart saute pan and lid
  • 5-quart stockpot and lid – stockpot is a great value, usually it’s an add on
  • Plus! 3 silicone utensils + 3 pan protectors

Don’t need to kit out your whole kitchen? No worries. As with other lines by GreenPan, you can purchase individual pieces as needed, or grab them in two-piece sets.

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2. GP5 Stainless Steel: The Pan that Literally Sparkles

Image of the GP5 Stainless frypan 3-piece set with is shiny and stainless on the outside, with champagne handles and a nonstick cooking surface on a marble countertop with a marble subway backsplash. The pans sit atop a wood chopping block with asparagus and fresh lemon.
We love the combo of the sleep stainless and the champagne handles. Oh so chic. Image Credit: GreenPan

When you think of the phrase shiny new toy, you immediately think of non-stick pans, right? No? Well, that’s only because you haven’t seen the new GP5 Stainless Steel 10-piece cookware sets with champagne handles yet. No seriously, this line literally sparkles (thank you Evershine Technology)! The champagne handles combined with the steel body are the perfect combination for your sleek, modern kitchen.

The 5-Ply Stainless Steel Construction

The 5-ply Stainless steel construction is made of two layers of stainless steel and a three-layer aluminum core to ensure efficient heat conduction. 

BTW the stainless steel exterior makes these pans tough and durable. It sandwiches the aluminum core, which is excellent for heat conduction. And no your food does not come into contact with the aluminum core. 

Some other key features from this collection include that it’s metal utensil safe (cue applause, please!), and oven safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (yes, seriously).

GP5 Stainless Steel Line Specs

The GP5 Stainless Steel line offers all the same impressive features as the original GP5 collection, but with an oh-so shiny stainless steel exterior. This means you get the same top-notch Infinite8 features with an exterior makeover. 

GP5 Stainless Steel Checks These Boxes:

  • Infinite8 nonstick coating
  • Extra thick body for even heat distribution
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Silhouette rivets for easy cleaning
  • Oven-safe up to 600 degrees
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Induction compatible

Here’s What You Get with the GP5 Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Image of one of our favorite cookware sets, the GP5 Stainless which sits stacked on a modern marble counter with a marble subway tile backsplash. You can invert the lids, which is helpful for stacking the pieces.
  • 9.5 and 11-inch frypan
  • 3-quart saucepan and lid
  • 3-quart saute pan and lid
  • 5-quart stockpot and lid – stockpot is a great value, usually it’s an add on
  • Plus! 3 silicone utensils + 3 pan protectors

11 pieces in total

Price $859 + 30% off with code, at time of publish

This ten piece set is finished with the their latest nonstick coating, the Infinite8, making it simply the prettiest and most durable coating we have tried from GreenPan. Image Credit: GreenPan

If the ten piece set is too big of a commitment, you can also get the 8″, 10″ and 12″ frypan set, or just the 10″, 12″ and singles. You have many choices to fit your cupboard space and budget. 

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3. The Reserve Cookware Line: For Eye-Popping Colors and Flair

Pink ceramic GreenPan non-toxic pans on counter the pretty color stands out if you're looking for a colorful change, add this 5 stars product to your cart and get free shipping while you're at it before they're out of stock We've tested each and every one of these GreenPan cookware lines.
Credit: GreenPan

If you spend as much time matching your counters to your cabinets as some do picking out a dress for a night out, The Reserve Collection is for you. This gorgeous collection is kitted out with gold-tone handles and is even available in a range of different colors, be it sage, taupe, or cream. (Klein prefers the minimalist black.) No matter which color you select, you’ll be over the moon with these cookware sets.

Of course, this line isn’t all show and no substance. This line boasts an extra-tough hard anodized construction, making it strong enough to stand the test of time—and stuck-on cheese. It’s what makes the set another of Klein’s favorites in her home kitchen, where she uses these pans for more delicate tasks, like cooking eggs or fish. 

It’s Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Like the GP5, the Reserve pots and pans are oven safe up to 600 degrees, and the lids are safe up to 425 degrees fahrenheit. They are dishwasher safe, though Laura recommends hand washing for the longest life, plus clean up is a breeze so why not? This line works on gas and electric stovetops, but it is not induction safe. 

Here’s What’s Included in the Reserve 10-Piece Collection 

Image of GreenPan pots and pans in the Reserve line in the color sage with gold handles, set on a light wood counter and on a shelf in a modern kitchen with other things like glass canisters and a wood cutting board. This line has a high average rating value and offers free shipping and handling which is helpful.

This oh-so-pretty line would look amazing in any kitchen and comes with everything you need to cook like a pro.

  • 8 and 11 inch frypan
  • 2-quart and 3 quart saucepans with lids
  • 3-quart saute pan with lid
  • 5-quart stockpot with lid
  • 3 pan protectors

If you’re not ready to commit to the full set (or just don’t need it) you can also pick up pieces as needed, such as a single frypan or a three piece frypan set.

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Image Credit: GreenPan

4. Venice Pro Noir: The Minimalist Aesthete Cookware Set

Image of two Venice Pro Noir frypans, the pan in the forefront has fried eggs being easily slid out with herbs and the pan in the background has fresh veggies, off to the side there is a wood cutting board with herbs and seasonings and tongs. You'd be very happy if you bought this frypan set, with its matte black modern handles. Search for the line you want, select the set you want, add to cart is easy, and bring these to a happy kitchen.
The Venice Pro set has a sleek, professional look. With the right care, this set will last nearly a lifetime. Image Credit: GreenPan

Design-minded but prefer subtlety in the kitchen and beyond? That’s where the Venice Pro Noir line encounters its sweet spot. The beautiful juxtaposition of matte black handles and interior set against the stainless steel exterior of these pans are ideal for everyday use. 

The three-ply stainless construction is also treated with their proprietary Evershine Technology to ensure it resists discoloration over time. The Venice Pro Noir 13pc Set offers an assortment of pots to pans in various sizes plus all of the glass lids you need to keep an eye on your cooking — and effortless chic.

It’s Oven Safe, Dishwasher and Induction Safe

Like the other collections, the Venice Pro Noir cookware sets are oven safe up to 600 degrees, and the lids are safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It’s dishwasher safe, although we recommend hand washing to lengthen the life of the cookware set.

This cookware set works on gas, electric and induction stovetops.

Here’s What’s Included in the Venice Pro Noir 13- Piece Collection

Image of a complete 13-piece GreenPan Venice Pro Noir collection, that shines with stainless steel exterior, GreenPan's famous nonstick interior and matte black handles for a modern touch all stacked neatly in a modern kitchen counter, free shipping for orders over $300 when bought as a set this is easy to reach. Add these 5 stars to cart for a whole new kitchen before they go out of stock.
  • 8 and 10 inch frypans
  • 12” frypan with lid
  • 3-quart saute pan with lid
  • 1.5 and 3-quart saucepans with lids
  • 5-quart stockpot with straining lid
  • 9.5” stainless steel steamer

As with the other sets, you can also buy individual pieces like the 12 inch frypan with lid, or a frypan duo. 

This sleek set literally has all a cook could ask for. Need a whole new kitchen set? Simply add to cart. Image Credit: GreenPan

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5. Valencia Pro: The Award Winning Workhorse

image of 5 stars amazing and highly rated GreenPan Valencia Pro with carrots on range held by man in grey button down holding wood spoon using the award-winning and what might be considered one of GreenPan's best pans In the background there is a wooden cutting board with parsley and a cream sauce in small, clear glass bowl.
Credit: GreenPan

Valencia Pro is GreenPan’s best-selling set for good reason: Crafted from hard anodized aluminum, it’s strong, resilient, and scratch-resistant too. It’s the pan you might find yourself using daily.

The Scratch Resistant Exterior

These pans have a strong exterior, and are scratch resistant. What makes them so? They’re made with Duoforged Armored Bodies, and are pretreated before they are hard anodized. So if scratch resistance is important to you, then this line may be the perfect fit.

The Unique Base Helps Oil Stay Put and More

One of the details we love about these pots and pans come with GreenPan’s Balance Pro Base that helps oil stay put in your pan so you can use less of it (as long as your stove is flat!). It’s a unique stay-flat base is designed to flex when heated.

If that wasn’t enough, the Valencia Pro pots and pans come with a unique Magento Induction Base that ensures even heat conduction while allowing you to sear. Searing with a nonstick pan? It’s rare for a nonstick pan to tolerate high heat temperatures to sear. Better still, clean up is still a breeze. So many things to love about this line.

It also makes it safe for all cooking surfaces including induction, gas, electric, halogen and ceramic.

It’s Won Awards 

Not only is Valencia Pro bestselling and highly rated with over 1,500 happy customers giving it a full 5 stars, it’s also award winning. In 2023, this set was given the Good Housekeeping Sustainable Innovation Award. Judges were impressed by GreenPan’s commitment to sustainability and product efficacy. 

“GreenPan makes cookware with strict quality-assurance procedures to ensure the absence of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and endocrine-disrupting fluorinated compounds from its ceramic nonstick coating.”

Here’s What’s Included in the Valencia Pro 19- Piece Collection

The Valencia line also offers the best value of all the sets, not to mention every clean cookware piece you could possibly need, with the complete Valencia Pro 19-piece set retailing for $789.99. 

Image of a large, 19-piece GreenPan cookware set in the Valencia Pro award winning product line set against a plain white background. This set has it all and each product in this set serves a function that will have your kitchen  fully kitted out and will sort out your problem of not having the right pan for the job once you've bought this.
  • 8 and 9.5 inch frypans
  • 11’ frypan with lid
  • 1.5 and 3-quart saucepans with lids
  • 3-quart saute pan with lid
  • 5 and 8-quart stockpot with lids
  • 11” everyday pan with lid
  • 11” grill pan
  • 11” griddle
  • 3 pan protectors 

If you don’t need quite so many pieces, the Valencia Pro 11pc might be the perfect option, a great value for the price at $574.99 for a varied assortment of fry pans and pots to suit your every culinary whim.

This (multi) award-winning line is for the cheffy daydreamers. You can do it all. Image Credit: GreenPan

Or for those in smaller quarters, they also offer Valencia Pro 3pk Frypan Set, with an assortment of sizes of frying pans perfect for omelets, fried eggs, fish, and more for $219.99.

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Caring for Your GreenPan Cookware Set: A Green Chef’s Tips

Here are Laura’s top tips to care for and extend the life of your cookware. While no nonstick cookware will last forever, with a little TLC, yours can last for years to come.

Image of a colorful graphic with Laura's Cheat Sheet for caring for and Cooking with select GreenPan pots and pans and Greenpan frying pan because all nonstick has its limitations, even high quality but Laura has learned some helpful tips after review of what helps make a pot like this last. Here she gives instructions to help make your non-toxic cookware last as long as possible and preserve your high-quality cookware investment, such as required hand washing, even when GP says it's save to put in the dishwasher.
Follow Chef Laura’s easy tips, and your GreenPan cookware will be the last that you buy for quite some time. Image Credit: Organic Authority StudioCredit: Organic Authority Studio

Whichever non-toxic cookware option you choose will be a much safer and healthier option than any conventional non-stick pan. To learn more on the subject of why conventional non-stick is bad for your health, read our breakdown, The Reason PTFE Nonstick Pans Aren’t Safe: It Has Something to Do With Loose Regulations and Our Drinking Water.

organic authority clean cookware seal of approval for non-toxic= cookware reviewed
The Organic Authority Approved Clean Cookware seal — we only add this if a product meets our exacting standards. We don’t go easy on anything, so if you see this, you know we stand behind something 100%.  Credit: Organic Authority Studio

Organic Authority Approved Clean Cookware

Because of GreenPan’s year-over-year improvements in their non-toxic, nonstick cookware, and environmental stewardship, the brand has earned Organic Authority’s Clean Cookware seal of approval. If you want to know more about what that means, read, The Organic Authority Approved Manifesto.

Have you tried any of GreenPan’s cookware sets? Comment below to let us know which ones and your honest review!

P.S. Did you know? Organic Authority has its own nutrition and wellness shop to meet your needs and help you take control of your health. Shop supplements for energy, sleep, inner beauty for skin support, clean protein, pantry items and more.
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