11 Cast Iron Cookware Pieces Under $100

Stock up on cast iron essentials affordably.

11 Cast Iron Cookware Pieces Under $100

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Love the benefits of cast iron cookware but think it’s not in your budget? Think again. Adding cast iron to your kitchen doesn’t have to be a budget-busting expense. There are many affordable choices for building a collection of cast iron cookware. From baking to cooking, these affordable cast iron choices come in under $100 to add that farm to table artisanal touch to your kitchen.

If you aren’t familiar with how to maintain and season your new cast-iron piece(s), check out our story, “A Cast-Iron Skillet to Last a Lifetime.”  If you treat it right, it will become a kitchen heirloom piece perfect that you can hand down to your family members.

Affordable Cast Iron Cookware

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1. Crepe Pan

Oui, Oui. Who doesn’t love homemade crepes stuffed with either sweet or savory stuffings? Make them at home with this crepe pan that is priced under $100. This pan is also great for Saturday morning pancakes! While it may take a little more practice, a cast iron pan will provide much better results than non-stick pans. $99.95

2. Dutch Oven

A cast iron Dutch Oven is the workhorse of the kitchen. Make soups, stews, roasts and more for sumptuous comfort food goodness. Dutch ovens are versatile for being able to go from the stove top to the oven–and vice versa. $58 – $96

Cast Iron Open Sauce Pot

3. Open Sauce Pot

This petit cast-iron sauce pot is a multitasking workhorse for dinner parties and family meals. Perfect for heating sauces and serving from stove, or even grill to table, reheating soups, making hot chocolate and more. $99

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4. Teapot

From rooibos and chamomile to Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast, brew your favorite tea or herbal infusion in this stylish and practical teapot. Cast iron retains heat longer keeping your warm beverage warm for longer. $44.99

Cast iron trivet Le Creuset

5. Trivet

As any seasoned cook will tell you, trivets and other tools, are necessary to protect your counters from damaging heat. Do it with a pretty trivet that is inspired by the Belle Epoque. This will work as a practical trivet for any of the cast iron pans in this list. $75.

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6. Fondue Set

In case you didn’t know it, fondue is fun! It’s great for parties or as an everyday indulgence. While this may not be a crucial piece in your cast iron cookware collection, it is important to splurge and include a bit of whimsy in your kitchen. Cast iron is a good choice for its heat retention properties, which will keep your savory or sweet fondue stay warmer for longer. $99.93

7. Mini Cocotte

Make and serve individual portions of macaroni and cheese, stews, cobblers, brownies and more in these mini covered dishes. They combine the benefits of cooking with cast iron and are sure to make a statement on your table. $85

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8. Bundt Pan

Have a covered dish function to attend? A tasty bundt cake is both easy to make and a welcome addition to any table. A cast iron cake pan makes a golden and crisp crust that non-stick cake pans just can’t duplicate. The results with cast iron are so supreme that once you bake with cast iron, you’ll never go back to using non-stick pans. $69.95

Cast Iron Gratin Dish

9. Gratin Bakin Dish

This cast iron gratin dish is a French favorite. Perfect for dinner parties, the holiday season to create crisp brown crusts for your favorite family recipes like your grandmother’s fresh fruit desserts like a blueberry cobbler, crisp or that creamy veg dishes like mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, mac and cheese or even roast veg. $65

Credit: Image: Cast Iron Cookware via Shutterstock

10. Reversible Griddle

Practical and affordable, this grill fits over two stovetop burners and is perfect for everything from pancakes and eggs or grilled veg or protein. The reversible nature of the pan makes it a great buy and a space saver! $74.95

11. Round Fry Pan

This classic cast-iron fry pan will become a staple in your cookware arsenal. When cared for properly it may even become a family heirloom, handed down from one generation to to the next. Perfect for searing and browning, it won’t cool when you add food to it. This pan can move from stovetop, to oven, to table. A classic for any kitchen $14.95-74.95

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