Eating Healthy and Buying Local: 13 Pretty Cool Food Mobile Apps and Websites

In the digital space, there are plenty of platforms that help connect people to fresh, organic and local food, including both mobile apps and websites. From sharing leftovers to identifying local farmers markets with your GPS location, if you’re looking at ways to make eating healthy easier, there are plenty of resources available. Here are 13 of our favorites:

1. Blue Apron

This creative subscription service delivers fresh ingredients once a week, and recipes to make 3 complete meals. Delivery is free, and there are is even a vegetarian option. Blue Apron delivers around the country and works hard to source from local suppliers with sustainable practices.

2. Buycott

Want to vote with your fork? Then Buycott is for you. The app traces products through the entire supply chain, letting you know which companies were involved in bringing it from farm to table. Perfect for when you want to avoid Monsanto at all costs.

3. Farmigo

Farmigo makes it easier for farms to connect to communities that want fresh produce. Anyone can create a “community” as long as they have a pickup place for produce, then members order what they want online, and the farm delivers to the pickup site once a week and within 48 hours of harvest.

4. Food Community

Just like you share your restaurant tips with your fellow vegetarian and gluten-free friends, Food Community lets you do the same, no matter where you are. Tap into a community of people with the same eating healthy and food interests and diets as you to find vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free, locally grown and organic restaurants across the U.S.

5. Foodshare

A UK based website, Foodshare connects growers (like school and community gardens) to local charities that feed the community.

6. Food Swap Network

Ever been to a food swap? There’s really nothing better: make a food, bring it to a group of people and share. The Food Swap Network allows you to search for food swapping events around the entire country.

7. LeftoverSwap

The online marketplace and app for leftovers is both for people looking for a good deal on food and those looking to get rid of what they’re not eating, a great step forward in dealing with the epidemic of food waste.

8. Locavore

Using GPS to identify local farmers markets and farms, Locavore is a great tool for those looking to eat food from a close geographic proximity.

9. Meal Sharing

Eating certainly builds community, and Meal Sharing facilitates the process of finding home cooked meals and hosting, bringing people together one meal at a time.

10. Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide

Are you eating GMOs or aren’t you? This app from the Non-GMO Project helps you identify brands and products that are enrolled in the organization’s verification program. As the leading third-party non-GMO verification program in the U.S., the organization actually tests foods for GMO ingredients.

11. NRDC Eat Local

Want to make a better effort at eating local? With this app all you have to do is pop in your zipcode and it will show you what’s in season in your area so you can make better informed purchases.

12. Real Time Farms

A crowd-sourced, nationwide food guide, the idea behind Real Time Farms is to help people track their food back to the farms it came from and the better understand the food system. You can post photos from and information about farms, artisans and markets that you love, which in turn often helps small-scale producers with marketing their products – something they often don’t have time to do themselves.

13. Wild Edibles

Interested in urban foraging? The Wild Edibles app is here to help. Developed by Wild Man Steve Brill, who leads trips in New York’s Central Park teaching people about foraging edible and medicinal wild plants, it helps you identify plants and avoid poisonous ones.

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