15 Homemade Holiday Food Gifts (And Not a Cookie in Sight)!

Make one of those homade holiday food gifts.

Forget making holiday cookies to gift this holiday season (cookies are kind of passe), instead make the ultimate gourmet non-cookie treats for all your foodie friends. From homemade herbal teas to Irish cream liqueur and homemade mustard to infused olive oils and everything in between, check out these recipes for the ultimate homemade food gifts.

15 Non-Cookie Holiday Food Gifts for Your Favorite Foodies

  1. Homemade Extracts – Homemade extracts are pretty simple to make and they are quite impressive in flavor from their regular old store bought counterparts.
  2. Health Boosting Herbal Tea – Give the gift of good health this season.
  3. Homemade Coffee Syrups – Make your own coffee syrups for the coffee lovers in your life.
  4. DIY Hot Chocolate Mix – And for those who like a sweeter hot drink–homemade hot cocoa is the perfect option.
  5. Flavored Sugars – As far as food gifts go, flavored sugars are also really simple to make.
  6. Homemade Mustard – Store bought mustard is nothing compared to the homemade version.
  7. Homemade Marshmallows – And why not add some gourmet marshmallows to that homemade hot chocolate?
  8. Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil – Infused oils are simple to make and pack a lot of flavor for the chefs in your life.
  9. Spicy Dry Rub – Whether for a vegan or meat lover, spicy dry rubs are delightful and savory food gifts.
  10. Homemade Pesto – Give the gift of a spectacular pesto this season!
  11. Crockpot Apple Butter – Apple butter is a wonderful treat for on toast.
  12. Homemade Boozy Irish Cream Liqueur – Does it get any better than homemade Irish cream liqueur?
  13. Banana Bread in a Jar – If you have your heart set on baking, mix it up a bit with banana bread in a mason jar.
  14. Cream Cheese After Dinner Mints – Some of us just love a nice sweet after dinner mint.
  15. Cinnamon Honey Butter – And finally, this cinnamon honey butter will satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

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