4 Colorful Cold Slaw Recipes: Go Beyond Ordinary Coleslaw


Did someone say “BBQ season?!” Here at Organic Authority we are knees deep in summer mode—and we hope you are, too! Whether you’ve got a big ol’ backyard to grill out on, or just a modest studio patio, it’s officially time to get the summer menus in action. And for every summer feast out there, it doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian, meat-eater, or pure vegan, there’s one thing everyone can agree is a staple for the season: slaw. Here are 4 colorful cold slaw recipes to give your BBQ parties spunk and flare.

  1. NEW WAVE: Easy Organic Coleslaw with Dried Cranberries, from Organic Authority. From our very own Editor-in-Chief Laura Klein, this new-wave cold slaw recipe takes the classic mayo-and-cabbage combo and perks it up with fresh apples, dried cranberries, and a hint of spicy onions. This recipe is easily at home in summer BBQ menus, or even Thanksgiving menus. (And check out the cooking video here.)
  2. VEGAN:Spicy Orange Slaw, from Vegetarian Times. What a beaut of a slaw! Vibrant streaks of orange, purple, and green make up this all-vegan recipe. It has a Mexican flare, tossed with fresh cilantro and pumpkin seeds, and calling upon a cumin-infused citrus dressing.
  3. FUSION:Spicy Mango Asian Salad, from Organic Authority. Yet another OA creation, this recipe is Asian-inspired and so enticing! There are too many delicious things happening in this slaw to call out: a rainbow of shredded vegetables, fresh mangoes, roasty peanuts, and a spunky, spicy ginger-sesame dressing.
  4. MEGA-GREEN:Shredded Brussels Sprouts, Kale, and Kumquat Salad, from YumSugar. If you thought a raw salad full of shredded cruciferous veggies (i.e. cabbage) couldn’t get any healthier—you haven’t checked out this one from YumSugar. Made of hearty Brussels sprouts and kale, this slaw is dense, robust, and absolutely stunning in presentation.

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Image by Laura Klein