4 Tasty Asparagus Recipes for a Springtime Meatless Monday Meal

asparagus pizza

Spring is in the air — and on our market stands. And there’s perhaps nothing more telling when spring has arrived than the first spring asparagus.

These tasty treats can be green, white or purple. Whichever you prefer, pick up a bunch and start cooking! While it can be tempting to throw the whole lot in the oven and roast them to perfection, asparagus are just as tasty in these Meatless Monday asparagus recipes.

Asparagus may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering pizza toppings, but this gluten-free asparagus pizza with cauliflower crust may very well change your mind. A totally wheat-free crust forms the cheesy, flavorful base, which is absolutely perfect when topped with spring asparagus. Use the ricotta spread topping in the recipe, or top the pizza with your favorite red pizza sauce.

Image: Laura Klein

Asparagus definitely has a powerful flavor, but that doesn’t mean it can’t play well with others! Earthy asparagus is the perfect pair for shiitake mushrooms, and tangy goat cheese brings everything together in this delightful brown rice pasta dish with a unique pumpkin seed pesto for added flavor.

asparagus pesto

Pasta image via Shutterstock: Robyn Mackenzie

We’re all familiar with traditional basil pestos, but have you ever thought of jazzing this sauce up with some asparagus? Asparagus pesto is a very tasty accompaniment to pasta, and as an added bonus, it can be a great way to introduce this spring veggie to kids. If you make this pesto all spring long, you can add some roasted tomatoes as soon as they start becoming available in your local market.

Image: Kristi Arnold

If you like eggplant parmesan, you’ll love our asparagus parmesan. It’s far less fussy than the original, with no frying required — that makes it much healthier to boot! Serve this tasty combo of red onion, Roma tomato and asparagus with your favorite pasta, and you’ll be converting even fans of the veal and chicken versions of the Italian-American classic.

asparagus quiche

Asparagus quiche image via Shutterstock: HLPhotos

Lest you think the only things that can be done with asparagus are pizza and pasta, take a look at this tasty asparagus quiche. Not only is it super flavorful thanks to the veggies and a nice amount of gruyère cheese, but it’s also absolutely beautiful to see the asparagus in the cross-sections of the slices.

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