4 Vegetarian Noodle Recipes Perfect for Your Meatless Monday Table

pad see ew

Who doesn’t love noodles? They come in all shapes and sizes, and they make a quick to prepare, easy base for a whole host of meals. This week, we’re spotlighting our favorite vegetarian noodle recipes for Meatless Monday. These dishes feature a variety of different noodle types and flavors, and each dish is chock-a-block with colorful veggies to make these dishes the perfect one-pot meal for your family.

We’re starting things off with a Thai classic, pad see ew. A bit less famous than its cousin pad Thai, pad see ew is actually one of the most popular Thai street foods. The entire dish is made in a wok, which makes it super easy to make on a weeknight. You’ll be using wider rice noodles than with pad Thai, which will then be seasoned with kecap manis, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and peanuts. This version uses Chinese broccoli and egg for a touch of protein. Just sub the oyster sauce with a vegan version — you can either buy vegetarian oyster sauce or make your own at home — and this recipe is perfect for Meatless Monday.

rice noodles with tamarind sauce

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Thinner rice noodles are the base of this rice noodle and tamarind dish that highlights the flavor of this South Asian fruit. Known as the “Indian date” the tamarind is both sweet and sour; it makes a great base for the Vietnamese-influenced dressing of this salad. The only ingredient you’ll need to sub to make this entirely Meatless Monday friendly is fish sauce; we like this vegan fish sauce recipe.

kelp noodle salad

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Kelp noodles are a great noodle substitute for those avoiding gluten or grains — they’re made entirely from the seaweed kelp and are even permitted by most raw food diets. This kelp noodle salad is actually entirely raw, featuring a variety of veggies and sweet chili sauce, which you can either buy or make at home. Either way, serve more chili sauce on the side for lovers of heat.

kelp noodle salad

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Shirataki noodles are yet another faux noodle; these are made with konjac yam and have a unique, very chewy texture. They’re also very high in fiber and are great in cold noodle salads like this wakame noodle salad. You’ll pair the noodles with a Japanese-influenced dressing for a dish that’s just as tasty fresh as left over the next day.

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Pad see ew image via Shutterstock

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