4 Ways to Put Organic Eggs on Your Meatless Monday Plate

4 Ways to Put Organic Eggs on Your Meatless Monday Plate

There are very few foods — if any exist at all — that aren’t improved by the addition of perfectly cooked organic eggs. Putting an egg on it, whatever it may be, immediately adds protein, flavor, and texture to the dish at hand. A runny yolk forms a sauce, blending with the flavors of the base to create an even more delicious plate. And while pretty much any dish of leftovers is improved by a fried, poached, or sunny-side-up egg on top, there are a few recipes that were just made for an organic egg topping. Here are just a few of our favorites for Meatless Monday.

Avocado toast has been enjoying a recent day in the sun, but however you season your avocado, don’t forget the organic egg on top. When topped with a poached egg, avocado toast reaches previously unforeseen heights; the rich and silky yolk only heightens the creamy avocado, and a few grains of fleur de sel bring out the mellow flavors in both. Be sure to use good bread as a base for this simple open-faced sandwich.

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When you want a dish as packed with vegetarian protein as it is delicious, nothing is better than eggs and beans. In this easy-to-make dish, Mexican spiced black beans form the base for two poached organic eggs. When combined with your favorite hot sauce, a delicious broth comes together, combining the bean cooking liquid, the runny yolks, and a nice hit of spice.

4 Ways to Put Organic Eggs on Your Meatless Monday Plate

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Raw or just-cooked organic eggs are ideal when paired with pasta. The starchy pasta water blends with the egg yolk for a fantastically creamy sauce with no cream. One basic version of this we love for Meatless Monday is spaghetti pangrattato. This vegetarian dish gets its flavor from pangratto, a toasted breadcrumb mixture seasoned liberally with garlic, rosemary, and lemon zest. The pasta packs a punch as well, with capers, parsley, and pecorino cheese. The crispy fried organic eggs are the perfect way to round off the dish.

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Organic eggs can also be an excellent topping for a simple yet delicious pile of perfectly prepared greens. That’s what we love so much about this eggs-and-greens recipe — its simplicity. Your favorite wild greens are tossed with scallions and fresh herbs as well as a nice amount of garlic and fresh fennel before being topped with a perfectly cooked fried egg.

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