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4 Yummy Raw Cabbage Recipes for Meatless Monday (No Kale Allowed!)

4 Yummy Raw Cabbage Recipes for Meatless Monday (No Kale Allowed!)

We all love kale, but isn't it time to let other cabbages have their turn in the spotlight? Kale, after all, is not the only member of the cabbage family to be tasty raw. The proof? Here are 4 fantastically delicious raw cabbage recipes that are full of nutrients, colors, and flavors -- and they're all ideal for your Meatless Monday table.

First up is a Thai-influenced mango and cabbage salad with cashews, mint, and red onion. Napa cabbage is the perfect option for this salad, as its flavor is not as overpowering as many other cabbages. You'll just want to be sure to find a vegan fish sauce or make your own in order to keep this recipe Meatless Monday friendly.

quinoa salad

Image Myrtle Glen Farm

This quinoa salad may not be 100 percent raw, but the combination of cooked quinoa, steamed butternut squash, raw red cabbage, and a variety of other raw ingredients including apple, celery, carrot, parsley, and pumpkin seeds makes this salad an intriguing combo indeed. The recipe does, in fact, include kale, but you can just as easily leave it out or swap it for another winter green if you're looking to expand your repertoire: Swiss chard or collard greens would be just as delicious.

4 Yummy Raw Cabbage Recipes for Meatless Monday (No Kale Allowed!)

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From the Organic Authority Files

Raw broccoli doesn't need to be relegated to crudité platters (and yes, this brassica does make it into our list of raw cabbage recipes.) With this raw broccoli salad, broccoli florets are tossed with carrots, peanuts, and mayonnaise for a crisp, crunchy salad with tons of flavor and colors. You could add other vegetables or even fruits to this salad, like grapes, apples, or celery, for even more flavor.

Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pomegranate: A Raw, Colorful Delight

Image: Emily Monaco

Brussels sprouts are absolutely delicious raw, so long as they're sliced thinly. These baby cabbages have just the right combination of natural sweetness and that funky cabbage flavor we all love. Their sweetness is highlighted by the pomegranate seeds in this Brussels sprout salad, whereas the more savory nature of the baby cabbages comes out with the shallots. The combination is perfect for your Meatless Monday table, as a side or as a main.

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