5 Fantastic Beet Recipes for Meatless Monday to Beet the Heat!

roasted beets

Beets might seem like a winter staple, but our summertime beet recipes are just as tasty and very creative! We love serving up beets warm in winter, but summer Meatless Monday recipes call for cooler beet recipes, like salads, both raw and cooked.

We’ve united our favorite beet recipes to give you some to choose from. Roast the beets in hot coals if they need to be cooked, so you can keep your kitchen cool.

These grilled beets with rosemary vinegar are marinated with the flavor of herbs and balsamic before being grilled. The resulting beets are very tasty hot, but go ahead and make extra to chop up and eat cold in a salad. Either way, they’ll be delicious!

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Beets are just as tasty raw as they are cooked — the proof is in this raw beet ravioli recipe with a luxurious cashew filling. Flavored with nutritional yeast and mustard, the filling is the perfect counterbalance to the earthiness of beets. But if you’ve never tried them raw, you’ll also get to know their natural sweet, freshness in this recipe!

stacked beet salad

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Any pre-cooked beets are perfect in this impressive stacked beet salad. Cooked beets are layered with avocado slices for a fun play on colors and textures. Sprinkle goat cheese crumbles and toasted pine nuts over the top for even more flavor. This can also be done with pickled beet slices if you prefer.

Beet salad recipe

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Dressing beets up with fruit is a great way to highlight their natural sweetness. This golden beet salad juxtaposes the differing hues of bright yellow beets and deep blackberries for a seasonal salad you’ll love. Garnish with chive flowers for an impressive finish.


Chioggia beet salad image via Shutterstock: farble

Play with candy-striped chioggia beets in a raw beet salad that combines tons of different flavors and textures. The key to mastering this colorful salad is to play with plating — dress up the ingredients by slicing and dicing them in different ways, to highlight them and allow them to play off one another. When a salad is this beautiful, it’s the perfect centerpiece and main dish for your Meatless Monday table!

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