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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the New Year

healthy breakfast recipe quinoa bowl

Does your list of New Year's resolutions include something about eating better? Are you completely exhausted after the holiday season? Are you tired of eating dinner leftovers for breakfast? If you answered yes to one of these three questions then you're ready to try one of the healthy breakfast ideas below! Start each day of the New Year RIGHT with something filling, energizing and low-calorie.

1. Quinoa Bowl 

Quinoa is here to stay. This nutty ancient grain is delicious with fresh fruit and a bit of toasted coconut flakes. Make 2 cups of quinoa on Sunday night and store half cup portions in plastic bags. A winning combination is 1/2 cup cooked quinoa + a handful of blueberries + 1 teaspoon agave nectar + 1 tablespoon toasted coconut.

healthy breakfast recipe oatmeal jam bars

Image by Let's Be Yummy 

2. Oatmeal Jam Bars 

If hot oatmeal isn't your favorite, try these crunchy oatmeal bars instead. Both gluten and dairy free, these bars are brilliant to throw into your bag at the start of a busy day. No need to stop for that muffin at the coffee shot with oatmeal bars in your bag!

healthy breakfast recipe ochazuke

Image by Ally-Jane.

3. Ochazuke or Japanese Rice Porridge 

This dish is a bit unconventional but so delicious and energizing first thing in the morning. Ochazuke is what millions of long-living Japanese people eat for breakfast each morning. The concept is simple: pour hot green tea with a bit of salty flavor over last night's rice and eat. If you struggle to find easy, delicious and healthy breakfast options maybe it's time to think outside the box.

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From the Organic Authority Files

healthy breakfast recipe coconut yogurt

4. Coconut Milk Yogurt 

With so many Americans either allergic to lactose or simply making the choice to go dairy free, coconut yogurt has officially left the health food store and found its place next to the Dannon's and Yoplaits of the world.

healthy breakfast idea hemp protein

Image by Begin with Nutrition 

5. Blueberry Hemp Protein Shake 

Protein shakes are an age old breakfast standby. Delicious, nutrition-packed and fast, it's easy to throw frozen strawberries, a scoop of soy protein powder and some almond milk in a blender. So many of the packages soy and whey protein powders are filled with harmful additives, fillers and sugar so avoid all that by switching to hemp seeds. Packed with protein and nutrition, hemp is a wonderful protein powder alternative and pairs wonderfully with blueberries.

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