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Savory and Sweet Verrines for Mother's Day

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When planning a Mother's day dinner or lunch, consider what you want the food to evoke: delicate dishes and light flavors are perfect for these spring days, and mom will surely appreciate the beauty of a well-executed dish. Which is why in honor of this Mother's day, we're offering you some of our favorite verrines, perfect for serving at lunch, dinner or tea. They're delicious and they're beautiful: the perfect tribute to moms everywhere.

Savory Verrines

Savory verrines are the perfect treat to serve alongside cocktails or as one of many heavy hors d'oeuvres to snack on. We love these tomato and zucchini verrines, a perfect Mother's Day combination. While the ingredients may not be in season everywhere right now, it's a good recipe to have on-hand for your summer barbecues.

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More to the point right now are these chilled pea soup verrines. Sweet seasonal peas are flavored with tarragon and chervil for a delicious two-sip treat. You can also use other chilled soups in these verrines, like gazpacho.

For something a bit more complex, these black chickpea, crab and fennel verrines with apple and avocado are perfect. They take a touch more assembly, but they're not difficult to make, and the payoff when you see mom's face will be priceless. Take the time to seek out the black chickpeas if you can; chickpea fans will love this variety.

Sweet Verrines

As for dessert, try a chocolate verrine. This one is particularly beautiful, with layers of dark chocolate and pale white cream. For something a bit lighter, a limoncello and mascarpone mousse is just the ticket. The Italian influence of this sweet treat is a delicious addition to any luncheon.

Verrine Glasses

As for what to serve your verrines in, you have several options. If you have small drinking glasses or large shotglasses, they should be fine. But if not, consider investing in verrine glasses. There are a variety of styles to choose from; pick your favorite and start being creative with verrine recipes of your own!

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