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7 Simple One Pot Meals Perfect for Cold Weather Cooking

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Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. If your goal is to prepare wholesome and tasty food, there’s no need for all four burners and the oven going. Instead, keep it simple by making one pot meals and spend more time eating your food with family and friends than you do preparing it.

Comfort Food One Pot Meals for Cold Weather Cooking

Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Image: Pot Roast via Shutterstock

1.Spicy Braised Brisket - For the ultimate in one pot meals, try this recipe for braised brisket. A slowly braised Dutch Oven pot roast is among the stars of the one-pot meals--it’s both easy and sumptuous. This version adds the warming and delicious spices like chili powder, fennel, and cilantro. This tasty dish will impress and become your new fall favorite.

Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Image: Split Pea Soup via Shutterstock

2.Split Pea Chowder - Split pea chowder is a filling mainstay among one pot meals. Not only will it satisfy your vegetarian family members and guests (as long as you use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock), but it’s super economical and easy to make. Ina Garten’s recipe calls for the addition of potatoes and carrots, but you could add additional root vegetables too for a chunkier version.

Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Image: Chicken Thighs via Shutterstock

3. Moroccan Braised Chicken Thighs - Turn the everyday fare of chicken into an exotic trip around your taste buds with this recipe for Moroccan style braised chicken thighs. Braising chicken is routine enough, but you can kick it up a notch with Emeril’s recipe that calls for preserved lemon, saffron, cinnamon, and olives.

Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Image: Lasagna via Shutterstock

4. Skillet Lasagna - Lasagna isn’t generally the first thing that comes to mind when planning one pot meals. Its preparation is usually a multi-pot production and is usually the kind of dish that you reserve for weekend family dinner. Instead use no-boil lasagne noodles and cook your sauce in the same skillet used to bake the dish for a super-quick version of lasagna easy enough for weeknight cheesy deliciousness.

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Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Image: Rice with Red Beans via Shutterstock

5.Rice and Beans - Rice and beans is another super economical one-pot meal. The addition of plenty of spices turn everyday rice and black beans into a tasty dish. Add some sour cream, guacamole, chopped scallions, and a squirt of lime for some additional flavor and pizazz. Rice and beans also reheats well for lunch!

Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Image: Chili and Cornbread via Shutterstock

6. Chili and Cornbread - Along the same vein as rice and beans is chili--but with the addition of killer cornbread on top! This version calls for making the chili in a cast iron skillet, topping with the cornbread mixture and finishing it in the oven. An impressive and delicious one-pot meal! Make it vegetarian by leaving out the ground meat and substituting a meat substitute like beans or seitan.

Easy one pot meals to make any day of the week.

Image: Roasted Whole Chicken via Shutterstock

7.One Pot Roasted Whole Chicken with Fennel - Feed a whole family (or 1-2 people all week long) with this simple recipe for a whole roasted chicken. While you may be hesitant to cook a whole chicken--it’s way more economical and then you can use the bones and skin to make chicken stock as well. This version calls the additional of fennel, which really adds a lot of delicious flavor. You can also add more root vegetables to balance out the ratio of meat to vegetables. It also makes a lovely presentation when entertaining.

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