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7 Summer Cocktails Perfect for Serving Up in a Mason Jar

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Recipes for the perfect mason jar Summer Cocktails.

It’s time to start planning your summertime entertaining. From BBQs and cookouts to evening cocktail parties and supper clubs, summertime is definitely the season for hosting and attending parties and get togethers. Nothing says summer entertaining more than summer cocktails--and even more so when you serve them in mason jars.

To offer you up some summertime cocktail inspiration, here are some of our favorite picks for summer cocktails. Whether you like the more retro classic approach to your imbibing or you are looking for something completely new, then read on to discover your new summertime mason jar drink of choice.

  1. Spiked Arnold Palmer - I can never decide between iced tea or lemonade and that’s the beauty of an Arnold Palmer, which is a mixture of both. Add some mint and vodka for an very refreshing adult version.
  2. Bing Cherry Mojitos - One of my favorite summertime fruits is the bing cherry. They are so sweet and decadent that I usually freeze some for a treat in the cold of winter. This tasty recipe pays homage to that complex decadence that is the bing cherry.
  3. Watermelon Sidecar - Nothing else quite says summer like a juicy watermelon (or summer cocktails). This recipe calls for whirled watermelon chunks in a Sidecar made with brandy and Cointreau.
  4. French 75 - A champagne cocktail is a must have for any brunch and a lemony French 75 is a refreshing twist to the ubiquitous brunch Mimosa.
  5. Blueberry and Cucumber Moscow mule variation - Cucumbers and blueberries are two more of Mother Nature’s delicious summertime bounty. Combine both in an ice cold Moscow Mule, which is made from ginger beer (not ginger ale), vodka and lime juice.
  6. Mint Julep - The sweet bourbon Mint Julep is the ultimate among summer cocktails. It’s the perfect sipping on the porch drink and which you simply must top with a maraschino cherry.
  7. Ginger Shandie - A Shandie, for the uninitiated, is a cocktail of made from combining beer with any carbonated beverage. This recipe combine Hoegaarden beer, ginger beer and zesty lemon for a beverage that’s just perfect for casual BBQs or outdoor dining.
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