8 Best Grilling Accessories to Make You a Grill Master

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Even the best grill masters need some assistance, particularly in the form of the very best grilling accessories. Our top choices run the gamut of sustainable grilling products from companies that share the same environmental values as you do.

You still have time to track down some of these grilling tools before summertime outdoor grilling comes to a close, so choose your favorites and fire up the grill.

Back to Basics

Let’s start at the very beginning. After all, while most of you likely have the grill tools that came with your barbecue, there’s more to these basics than meets the eye. It’s worthwhile to invest in some great quality tools to make sure your barbecue gets off to a good start.

1. OXO Turner and Tongs Set

Image care of Oxo

As far as we’re concerned, there are really two main grilling tools you absolutely need: a spatula and a set of tongs. These two tools will allow you to handle any food you place on the grill; they’re basically going to become extensions of your arm as you cook.

Seeing as you rely so much on them, it’s important to pick tools that are durable and have long handles, to avoid burns. We love the OXO set of turner and tongs, which is a good bargain to boot. The turner has two edges, one serrated and one bevelled, making it more like two or three tools in one, and the tongs lock closed to make them super convenient for storing. Both tools also boast easy-handling rubber grips.

Not to mention, we’re pretty big fans of the OXO design philosophy of making products that are usable by as many people as possible.

Grilling Accessories for BBQ Prep Work

It may seem like grilling starts at the grill, but it really starts in the kitchen. It’s important to make sure that you have all of the tools you need beforehand for tasty and safe grilling once you’re outside.

2. Williams Sonoma Grill Prep Trays

williams sonoma grill tray

Image care of Williams Sonoma

At some point during any cookout, food has to be transferred to the outdoor grilling station. While you can just as easily use plates or trays, we are big fans of these sustainable melaminegrill prep trays because of how easy they are to use. The grill prep trays come in sets of two, and each set is color-coded. This allows you to distinguish between a tray that has come into contact with raw meat or poultry and one that hasn’t, keeping your food prep sanitary and safe.

3. Lékué Reusable Storage Bags

marinade bags lékué

Image care of Lékué

Marinating is another important prep step when grilling, for recipes like our citrus chicken. But marinating can be a hassle, especially if you’re trying to fit the huge marinating vessel into your fridge. That’s why many turned to disposable bags, but of course you’re steering away from that idea.

But all isn’t lost — Lékué has another option. These reusable, BPA-free bags that are perfect for storing both solids and liquids. Available in red, green and clear, these bags make marinating a breeze.

Grilling Gadgets

Grilling in the 21st century is full of new discoveries, including tons of fun gadgets. But which ones are worth the hype?

4. Lavatools Thermometer

Image via Lavatools

If you’re cooking meat, you’re definitely going to want a thermometer to check the internal temperature. We like this one from Lavatools because of its easy-to-read digital display and 4-second accurate temperature read. This allows you to test temperatures quickly and easily, saving your hands from the heat and your meat from drying out on the grill. If you’re only going to get one gadget for your barbecue, make this the one.

5. GrillTime App

grilltime app

Image via GrillTime

If you’re glued to your iPhone even when grilling, you might prefer GrillTime, an app that does the work of timing for you. GrillTime allows you to input a certain amount of information, like the size and thickness of a cut of meat and your desired doneness and creates individual timers for each item, thus allowing you to walk away from the grill without risk of overcooking your dinner. It’s a simple app, but it’s well worth the rave reviews.

6. Brookstone Grill Light

grill light

Image via Brookstone

As much as we hate to admit it, the days are getting shorter, and that means that occasionally our al fresco dinners have the lights turned low. While this might be romantic for dining, for cooking it can pose all sorts of logistical problems, which the Brookstone Grill Light solves. The light can be attached to most grill handles and runs for 100,000 hours thanks to sustainable LED lights. There’s even an auto shut off after 6 minutes to conserve energy.

Cleaning Up

Once the grilling fun is over, it’s time to clean up, and with grilling, that’s a unique task. Here are some of our best grilling accessories to make cleanup a breeze.

7. Green Earth Technologies Grill Cleaner

green earth technologies cleaner

Image via Green Earth Technologies

For an all-purpose grill cleaner, you won’t find much better than Green Earth Technologies’ biodegradable grill cleaner. Not only do we totally jive with the purpose and mindset behind this company, the product itself is a great all-purpose cleaner for post-grilling messes — with hardly any scrubbing required. Just spray the cleaner onto your grill, allow to work for a few minutes, and then wipe or scrub clean.

8. Bambeco Sustainable Bamboo Grill Brush

bambeco bamboo grill brush

Image via Bambeco

You’ll need something other than a kitchen sponge to scrub down your grill, even if you’re using our favorite spray, which is where this Bambeco bamboo grill brush comes in handy. Farm-raised bamboo and recycled stainless steel make this a great sustainable choice, and thanks to its long handle, you can use it even when the coals are still hot to remove debris from the grill.

Have we missed any of your favorite grilling tools? Share them with your fellow Organic Authority readers below!

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