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Meatless Monday Recipe: 4 Stuffed Pepper Recipes

chile en nogada

Many different international cuisines have stuffed pepper recipes. In Italy, they're usually stuffed with beef and baked in tomato sauce. In Greece, they're stuffed with rice and orzo. In Mexico, stuffed peppers are usually chiles, for a bit more heat. With so many varieties, it's no wonder we were able to find four such delicious vegetarian stuffed pepper recipes for this week's Meatless Monday roundup!

One thing that we really love about stuffed peppers is how easy they are to serve -- individual portions are already created when you make the dish, which means they're fantastic for serving a big crowd and making sure everyone gets the same number. After all, with peppers this tasty, people will be trying to get more than their fair share.

Our first recipe might be unfamiliar to those who haven't tried the traditional cuisine of puebla. Chiles in nogada was traditionally served as a dessert, though many modern versions include pork or beef. We think that this sweet-and-savory vegetarian concoction of poblano peppers stuffed with farro, fresh and dried fruit and spices and topped with a walnut and goat cheese sauce is just as tasty as a main as it is for dessert. And it deviates from pretty much any Mexican recipe you've likely tried before!

stuffed green peppers

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For a more Mediterranean spin on the stuffed pepper theme, these creamy white bean stuffed peppers are a tasty treat. Protein-rich white beans are blended with garlic, spices, lemon juice and goat cheese for a sort of variation on hummus that then gets stuffed into sweet roasted green peppers. An impressive appetizer or tasty main if you serve 2 or 3 -- perfect for any Meatless Monday meal.

chile relleno

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Another Mexican variation on the theme, the classic chile relleno is a poblano pepper stuffed with flavorful jack cheese, then breaded in masa flour and fried. Perhaps not the healthiest Meatless Monday meal, but everything is good in moderation, and a chile relleno or two served with homemade pico de gallo, guacamole and a bit of salad is a tasty treat for a special occasion Meatless Monday.


Image: Aylin Erman

Because the more bitter green peppers are so often the vessel chosen for stuffed peppers, you'll frequently see that the fillings are slightly sweet. This is definitely the case for these jasmine rice stuffed peppers, where the filling gets a boost from some currants and a bit of tomato paste. Other than that, the recipe is simple and uses almost entirely pantry ingredients, making this the perfect throw-together Meatless Monday recipe for a night where you don't have much time to get dinner on the table.

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