Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Feta Recipes

feta bean pasta salad

If you’re still on the lookout for some summery recipes for Meatless Monday, our feta recipe selection is a sure win. Feta is a great cheese for summertime recipes; it’s lighter than most and adds a lot of flavor without adding heaviness to a dish. Our selection of feta recipes is both varied and seasonal, for the perfect choice of recipes to grace your Meatless Monday table.

Feta also has the added benefit of playing off of summer flavors perfectly. Cucumber, watermelon, tomato and zucchini all go wonderfully with this Mediterranean cheese.

This first choice is a yummy, summery pasta salad. The base recipe includes chickpeas, cucumber and dill, but you can change up the chickpeas for black beans or kidney beans, depending on what you have on-hand, and add tomatoes, onions and other herbs for variations on a theme.

Summer solstice recipes, fruit salad

Image: Emily Monaco

Our watermelon-feta salad combines both savory and sweet flavors for a dish that’s refreshing and tasty. Watermelon is the base for this salad, with backup from mild-flavored cucumber. Feta and black pepper add a savory punch, while fresh mint adds just the touch of herbaceousness that this salad really needs. The combination will become a favorite until the last watermelon of the season.

feta-stuffed zucchini

Image: Emily Monaco

Feta is used in quite a bit of Greek cuisine, so it’s no wonder that it goes perfectly in these Greek-style stuffed zucchini. An egg binds the filling together, which is flavored not only with the cheese but with mint and black pepper. If you have fresh mint in your garden instead of the dried called for, it will only be more delicious!

Feta Marinated in Olive Oil

Images by Jennifer Meier

For a tasty treat that you can enjoy for weeks to come, try your hand at your very own homemade marinated feta. Olive oil, herbs and lemon come together to add bursts of flavor to this cheese. Once the cheese is finished, use it as a topping for crostini, an add-in for salads or pastas, or simply as an hors d’oeuvre, served with good-quality baguette.

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