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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 DIY Pickle Recipes

This Meatless Monday, it's time for a walk on the sour side. Pickles are easy to make, delicious, and a great way to save some money. Not convinced that there's enough variety? Let us set the record straight! These 4 DIY pickle recipes are sure to please.

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1. Green Tomato Pickle Recipe

Summer is behind us, but there's still time for one more Caprese... that is, if you've got some green tomatoes hanging around! Pick yours right before making this quick pickled green tomato Caprese. The green tomatoes stand in for more traditional red, with a touch of honey to add that slight sweetness of a truly ripe tomato. Pick a good-quality mozzarella, and you're ready to plate this tangy take on a classic. (Image: Jeff Kubina)

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2. Bell Pepper Pickle Recipe

Peter Piper sure knew what he was talking about. Pickled peppers aren't quite a meal -- more like a condiment -- but they're the perfect accompaniment for a wide range of delicious meatless salads. Pair them with different cheeses and lettuces, and you've got an easy dinner formula that's perfect for Meatless Monday. (Image: jeffreyw)

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3. Kale Pickle Recipe

Everyone's favorite wonder vegetable, kale, is the perfect candidate for quick pickling. Its sturdy, cruciferous nature is balanced by the lightness of its thin leaves. The result is a delicious quick-pickled kale salad that's bursting with both nutrients and flavor. Kale, cucumber, red onion, chickpeas and egg make for a balanced and flavorful Meatless Monday meal. (Image: bobbi bowers)

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4. Fall Fruit Pickle Recipe

Didn't think you could serve pickles for dessert? Then you're in for a surprise! Spiced with cardamom and cloves, these pickled fall fruits are perfectly balanced in flavor. You'll need to start them at least a week before you want to eat them, but once you have a few jars in your fridge, all it takes is some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, and dessert is ready! (Image: Kimberley Stakal)

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