Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Sandwich Recipes

beet sandwich

This Meatless Monday, lose the cutlery when you set the table. Sandwiches are on the menu! While sandwiches often see themselves relegated to the position of lunch, these meatless sandwich recipes are dressed up enough to be perfect for dinner. Add a side salad, and tuck in; this week, we’re putting meatless sandwiches on the dinner table!

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The falafel are the main ingredient in falafel sandwiches. Once you’ve fried up these little chickpea balls (some varieties are also made with fava beans), serve them with warm pita, sliced cucumber, marinated red cabbage and a bit of tzatziki or your favorite yogurt sauce. Let everyone assemble their own sandwich at the table.

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Our copycat Jimmy John’s avocado spread is a delicious way to top any sandwich. Serve it on grilled bread or focaccia with sliced tomatoes, or make up a bowl of it and add it to a veggie buffet with things like hummus, roasted peppers, grilled or roasted vegetables, your favorite cheeses and different dressings, so that everyone in your family can assemble their idea of the perfect meatless sandwich recipe.

bocadillo de tortilla

Image: Tamorlan

The Spanish bocadillo de tortilla is a lunchtime standby throughout Spain; but you can make your own at home. While this is a very starch-heavy sandwich, you can add to the vegetable factor by layering the tortilla with some marinated red or green Spanish peppers, which will not only add more flavor and color, but will certainly add more vitamins to your dinner.

beet sandwich

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Our roasted beet sandwich is simply bursting with flavors and colors. To a pile of roasted beets, add the deep flavor of balsamic vinegar and a sweet-and-tangy spread made from a combination of honey and goat cheese. One bite, and you’ll be convinced that meatless sandwich recipes are more than just lunch food.

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