Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Vegetarian Taco Recipes for a Meatless Fiesta

vegetarian tacos

If you didn’t quite get your fix of Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo, it’s time to bring the fiesta to Monday nights! While much Mexican food you might encounter in restaurants is heavy on the meat, our vegetarian taco recipes are every bit as flavorful as a meat-based dish, making them perfect for Meatless Monday.

In fact, meatless Mexican food can be ideal for a weeknight, as the veggie preparations tend to take much less time than any slow-cooked pulled pork or chicken ever would. You can easily throw together all four of these fantastic vegetarian taco recipes any night of the week.

These first vegetarian tacos are ideal for when you just have a bunch of different vegetables languishing in the crisper. The original recipe calls for mushrooms, zucchini, onions and tomatoes, but you could also add eggplant or beans if you prefer. Just few spices and some crumbled cojita cheese brings these healthy tacos together in a snap.

5-Minute Vegetarian Taco Recipe with Avocado and Chihuahua Cheese

Image: SweetonVeg

This colorful 5-minute taco is even quicker and easier to assemble — perfect in mini version as a canapé or for a quick dinner when you don’t have the time to assemble anything fancier. Shredded coleslaw mix forms the base, topped with lime, cilantro, Chihuaha cheese and avocado. The salsa of your choice is the perfect finishing touch!

grilled vegetable tacos

Taco image via Shutterstock: Lesya Dolyuk

These grilled veggie tacos will only get better as summer approaches and more and more summer vegetables become available. Ideal as a family meal, either with the kids or with a crowd, these tacos are the perfect assemble-yourself entrée. Just throw whatever combo of veggies you would like to serve on the grill and present them nicely on a platter. A few seconds on the grill for some lovely char marks will add a smoky flavor to the tortillas as well.

vegetarian tacos

Photo by Ally-Jane 

While these roasted pepper tacos may be slightly more involved than some of the other options in this round-up, we promise: they’re worth it. A trinity of peppers – cubanelle, poblano and red bell — are roasted in the oven for flavorful strips of veg. Topped with raw red onion, shredded cheese, cilantro, sour cream and salsa, they’ll be the hit at your next fiesta!

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