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Move Over Mimosas: 12 Champagne Cocktails for New Year's Eve


Celebrate in style this new year's eve with a few of our 12 champagne cocktails. Mix it up with your favorite fruit juices, fresh fruits and even ice cream!

  1. Sunrise Mimosas: Add a little grenadine to traditional mimosas for a beautiful and tasty version of the New Year's brunch staple.
  2. Pick Me Up: A little cognac with your champagne, plus some orange and grenadine will perk you right up.
  3. Blue Lady: Champagne and blue raspberry margarita mix (or use Hypnotiq instead) make up this dazzling drink.
  4. Champagne Jell-O Shots: Be careful with these Jell-O shots, you know they'll taste just like the dessert but the alcohol will sneak up on you.
  5. Strawberry-Amaretto Sparklers: You love strawberries, almonds and champagne. So why not have all three together to toast in the new year?
  6. Raspberry Ice Cream Toast: Dessert with champagne poured over it? I'll take three.
  7. Hugo: Champagne, mineral water, elderberry syrup, mint leaves, lemon and lime juices make up this refreshing flute of bubbly.
  8. Pink Coconut Champagne: Pink champagne and coconut water, garnished with a little fresh fruit.
  9. Poinsettia Mimosas: Swap out the O.J. for cranberry juice and enjoy this festive cocktail.
  10. Sparkling Pomegranate: Mix in some pomegranate juice and seeds for this tasty treat.
  11. Mojito Sparkler: Mojito ingredients plus champagne make up this intriguing cocktail.
  12. Sparkling Cherry Bomb: Maraschinos, bitters and cherry liquor topped with champagne.

Didn't get enough? Check out my Drinks Pinterest Board for more mixed drink recipes.

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