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Easy Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe with Coconut Oil and Cinnamon: Wake Up Right!

steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon and coconut oil

Oatmeal is a classic breakfast food -- and for good reason. It's hearty, tasty, and it's very simple to prepare. Steel cut oatmeal in particular has a chewy texture that rolled oats just don't bring to the table. They may take a bit longer to cook, but they're not high-maintenance, and the result is absolutely worth it.

The first key to the success of this oatmeal is combining steel cut oats with oat bran. The steel cut oats add the chewy factor you crave, but the oat bran adds a luxurious creaminess to the mix.

A dash of cinnamon and a pinch of salt lend flavor, and when topped with extra-virgin coconut oil and coconut sugar, the steel cut oatmeal takes on a slightly tropical flavor. The former has staying power, keeping you full all morning, while the latter adds just the right amount of sweetness without sending your glycemic index through the roof.

dYou might think that steel cut oatmeal is too time-consuming for a weekday morning, but I enjoy this oatmeal pretty much every day: just set it on the stove and let it bubble over a very low heat as you're getting ready, stirring a few times as you think of it. Adding the milk of your choice to the top has the added benefit of cooling the just-cooked oats down enough to eat them before having to get out the door.

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Coconut Oil and Cinnamon

Serves 1

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From the Organic Authority Files

1/4 cup organic steel-cut oats
1/8 cup oat bran
1 cup water (more as needed)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 pinch salt
1/3 cup milk (dairy, almond, soy...)
1 tablespoon extra-virgin coconut oil
1 tablespoon coconut sugar


Combine the oats, oat bran, water, cinnamon, and salt in a saucepan. Set over a low heat, and cook, stirring occasionally, for 20-30 minutes. If you have the time to stand a the stove for a few moments, you can make this step go even faster by bringing the oats to a boil over high heat first, before reducing the heat.

When the oatmeal is cooked, pour into a bowl and top with the milk, coconut oil, and coconut sugar. Enjoy!

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