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5 Raw Veggies and 2 Homemade Crackers to Plunge Into Delicious Dips

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Dip-able foods are the fun-ist foods on the planet. Unfortunately, most mass-made dip-able items, such as potato chips, fried veggies and meats, --- and fries of all sorts -- are incredibly greasy. And the dipping sauces most of the former foods are plunged into? Most are likely filled with saturated fat and a plethora of other ingredients that are approximately ten letters long in length. Blech. Enjoy your dip (and dip-ables, too) by preparing fresh, raw veggies and baking rustic crackers. Also, make a few of the following no-mess, hearty and healthy dips.

Dip these raw veggies

The following veggies make great dip-holding platforms when fresh. The following veggies are totally solid, and are able to hold dip without seepage, leakage or breakage. Also, all of these vegetables are super healthy. If you don't like raw veggies, grill 'em up on an outdoor grill and serve on pita toast:

Provide a little platter diversity by baking homemade rustic crackers:

From the Organic Authority Files

Dip recipes

Concoct your “own” (we add the quotes because Simply Organic’s dry dip mixes are pre-made) veggie dips with a few dried ingredient dip packs. These packs are cheap and easy to store in a kitchen cabinet. You never know when you’ll want to throw an impromptu party!

So, you like salsa of all kinds and flavors? Great! So do we. The following three salsas can be made with the veggies hanging out in your garden (and a few other ingredients that can be easily acquired at the farmers market):

  • Heirloom tomato salsa
  • Black bean, poblano and corn salsa
  • Cool and spicy cucumber salsa

A hummus dip is great at any occasion and pairs well with raw veggies and crackers. Also, if you have a meat and cheese platter, guests can slather hummus atop some multi-grain buns and make a mini sandwich:

Image: Glory Foods

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