Beyond Corned Beef and Cabbage: A Traditional Saint Patrick's Day Menu

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Saint Patrick's Day is a great holiday to invite friends over for a delicious, international dinner, but so many stop at the stereotypical corned beef and cabbage, when the truth is that corned beef is an American dish. If you're looking for more traditional Irish recipes, however, look no further than this: our guide to a perfectly delicious, traditional Saint Patrick's Day menu. It's good craic! 

Hors d'Oeuvres

Before your main dish, consider serving a plate of Irish cheddar with Irish soda bread. Soda bread is so named for the use of baking soda instead of yeast as the leavener. With an organic Irish cheddar, it's the perfect way to start the meal.

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The Main Event

While corned beef is what the Irish are famous for stateside, traditionally, cattle were used for milking, and a man's status was indicated by the size of his herd. Which means that most Irish wouldn't slaughter their cattle until they were too old for milking, and beef was not a common main dish. Lamb, however, is an Irish favorite. Irish lamb stew is a delicious dish to serve with mashed potatoes and Irish style cabbage or colcannon, a combination of potatoes and cabbage. For a variation on the theme, why not try lamb chops or roast leg of lamb with mint sauce?


Guinness and chocolate seems like a no-brainer, but like corned beef, those are American inventions as well. Instead, why not try one of Ireland's simple but deliicous desserts? Rhubarb is often paired with strawberries, but as they're not in season yet, this rhubarb and orange crumble cake should fit the bill nicely. Serve it all with delicious Irish beer, and you'll be ready for a delicious, authentic Irish Saint Patrick's Day meal!

Bonus: Breakfast

The morning after Saint Patrick's Day calls for some breakfast, whether or not green beer was served. Try these delicious brown Irish scones with butter or jam, or go all out with an organic Saint Patrick's Day breakfast!

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