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Strawberry Hibiscus Juice Recipe

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Strawberry Hibiscus Juice Recipe

Edible flowers? Really? Yes! And in a delectable juice recipe!

You’re probably used to flowers being only beautiful to look at, but did you know some are also edible and can be a great addition to juices?

Firstly, it’s important to make sure the flowers you are purchasing and using are edible, and it’s also crucial to buy only organically grown flowers. Flowering plants, because of their sweet scent, attract more bugs so they can be inundated with pesticides.

Edible flowers also tend to be expensive; luckily, you use them very sparingly in most recipes.

Because the quantity is so small, the main attribute of flowers in juices is flavor and beauty not nutritional though some flowers like roses (especially rose hips), marigolds and dandelion blossoms contain vitamins A & C.

If you have asthma, allergies or hay fever, you shouldn’t include edible flowers in your juices as they could trigger a reaction.

You should only use the petal of the flowers.

Hibiscus flowers have a citrusy cranberry flavor.

The best way to get the most out of your juice would using a cold press juicer, such as Juicepresso. Try this delicious juice recipe prefect for spring. 

Strawberry Hibiscus Juice Recipe

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From the Organic Authority Files


6 – 8 Strawberries
1/2 Mango
1 handful of mint
1 cucumber
3 hibiscus rose petals (use sparingly)


Step 1. Prepare your fruit. Remove stems from strawberries. Remove skin from the mango. Split strawberries, mango and cucumber. Remove any seeds and stems.

Step 2. Prepare your juicer. Make sure it is clean and sanitary.

Step 3. Chop your fruit into appropriate-sized chunks.

Step 4. Juice 1/2 the raw fruit. Add mint and hibiscus petals. Juice the remaining 1/2 of raw fruit.

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