11 Best Free Workout Videos on YouTube

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Are your workouts starting to feel a little stale? Whether you’re in need of a new fitness challenge or just want to switch things up, there are oodles of free workout videos on YouTube that’ll help you amp things up anytime, anywhere.

Below are 11 fitness channels to keep you on your energetic little toes:

1. BeFIT

The BeFIT channel offers new free workout videos regularly from fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda and Denise Austin. There are videos for every fitness level and goal, such as slimming your waistline, toning your arms and sculpting your abs, not to mention a wide selection of workouts – dance sessions, cardio, strength-building, Pilates and more!

2. Fitness Blender

Husband and wife team Daniel and Kelli offer three to six new free workout videos every week on Fitness Blender. They also offer printable workout routines and healthy recipes. Choose from full-length workout videos like Pilates, HIIT, boot camps and strength training.

3. Blogilates

Casey Ho’s workouts on Blogilates are physically intense, but between her contagious energy and the top 40 hits playing in the background, they’re bootcamp workouts without the bootcamp feel.

4. Sarah Fit

What I love about Sarah Fit‘s channel of free workout videos is the fact that she encourages living a healthy lifestyle as a whole, offering healthy recipes, weight loss tips and general motivation along with her fab workout vids.

5. Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina’s motto is: Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat! Their Tone It Up YouTube channel showcases tons of super-fun beach babe workouts, delish recipes and regular challenges to keep you on top of your game. (Plus, for those of us who will soon be working out in the middle of a blizzard, the scenery will really come in handy.)

6. POPSUGAR Fitness

Victoria’s Secret workouts? Don’t mind if I do! There’s a wide range of step-by-step workouts on POPSUGAR Fitness. They also have an amazing series of videos called “What to eat for,” to help with body conundrums like hangovers, dry skin and stress.

7. Jenny Ford Fitness

Jenny Ford is a vibrant group fitness instructor who offers full-length cardio videos like Zumba and step aerobics on her fitness channel.

8. Amanda Russell

If you dig hardcore cardio, then Amanda Russell’s YouTube channel should be your first stop. Along with her free workout videos, she also dishes on how to make the most of your workouts and uses her expertise as a fitness consultant to help you stay up-to-date on the latest fitness and lifestyle trends.

9. Diet.com

Diet.com‘s fitness channel offers thousands of free workout videos, along with videos on healthy eating, body image, and tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

10. Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles helps you incorporate yoga into your daily routine – from morning yoga to start your day refreshed to bedtime yoga to help you score a good night’s sleep, her free workout videos are perfect for both newbies and veterans.

11. Lauren Hefez

If you’re like me and work out in an itty bitty apartment, you’ll love Lauren Hefez’s targeted, toning workouts that you can do anywhere, no matter the amount of space you have to work with. She offers both full-body and problem-area workouts. If you just feel like dealing with your love handles today – there’s a workout for that.

Are there free workout videos you love rocking out to?

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