11 Perfect Gifts for the Super Stylish Athlete in Your Life

11 Perfect Gifts for the Super Stylish Athlete in your Life

When you look and feel your best, you perform your best. Whether it’s an amazing sports bra that holds every in place, or a pair a yoga pants to keep those stems working their best, we’ve got the trendiest gifts for that very special athlete in your life. Or, maybe, an extra special gift to yourself is exactly what you need to take on the New Year with vigor. Whatever the reason, this list has it all.

1. Olympia Echo Bra ($82)

11 Perfect Gifts for the Super Stylish Athlete in your Life

This sports bra is for extra special occasions. It’s so gorgeous that it can be worn with or without a shirt on top. Whether you’re jogging, hitting a barre class, or diving into downward dog, this is way more than your standard sports bra. Give an extra lift this holiday season with this super cool Olympia Echo Bra.

2. Alo Yoga Wrap Poncho ($148)

11 Perfect Gifts for the Super Stylish Athlete in your Life

Nowadays, wearing your yoga gear all day long is perfectly acceptable. And, luckily, yoga fashion has gotten so good that it’s easy to look great post-class, as well. If you’re looking to ward off the chill after a hot yoga sesh or you just can’t get enough of this super soft scarf fabric, this wrap is for you. Additionally, you can wear the scarf multiple ways.

3. Harley Hot Pant ($80)


Not only is the Harley Hot pant super funky, it’s also sustainable. Teeki, makes all of its activewear products from recycled goods. In fact, all of its clothing is made from fabric spun from recycled water bottles. Then the fabric is cut, printed, and hand sewn. Everything is also made in the U.S. Every pound of Teeki clothing conserves the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline.

4. Hunter Green Sun Short ($46)


Whether you’re turning yourself upside down in handstand or you’re doing mid-workout planks, these shorts are a must-have. They’re free of elastic, so they won’t cut into you and they’re chafe-resistant for those super long runs. This breathable fabric will keep you looking and feeling great throughout your workout. Plus, they’re also made by Teeki so you can feel super good about your purchase.

5. Free People Cocoon Pullover ($68)

Cocoon Pullover Available at FreePeople.com

Just like the name says, you can cocoon yourself in this amazing Free People Pullover. Made of cotton, this super soft, oversized knit pullover is perfect post-workout. It’s fashionable, yet super comfy. So if you need to run a few errands on your way home from Pilates class or you’re headed for a coffee date after vinyasa, this is your jam. You can also wear it if you’re lounging around the house and the most exercise you’re doing is getting up to get yourself another cup of coffee.

6. Shanti Designs Yoga Mat Bags ($44)

11 Perfect Gifts for the Super Stylish Athlete in your Life

These gorgeous handmade yoga mat bags are an awesome way to tote around your mat post-practice. Made of cotton in tons of super fun, colorful designs, these bags are one of a kind. The bags are large enough to fit your yoga towel or other accessories as well with ease. Not to mention, you’re supporting a great small artisan business.

7. Wacoal Sports Bra ($55)


Breathable and bright with a cross-back design, the Wacoal Sports Bra is perfect for anything from CrossFit to kickboxing. It provides great shape while being super comfortable at the same time. The straps are adjustable and the band fits snug so you’ll feel super secure no matter your sport of choice.

8. Adidas Quilted Pants ($60)


Sweatpants just got a serious facelift. Tapered at the bottom and shapely at the top, you can wear pre and post workout and feel confident. The ribbed cuffs on the bottom of the pant are also all the rage. The quilting design is a fabulous new addition to Adidas’s line and we love them. Whether you’re hitting the gym or the grocery store, this line of fashionable sweats is what you should be wearing.

9. Alo Goddess Yoga Pants ($98)

11 Perfect Gifts for the Super Stylish Athlete in your Life
Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga pants fit super well but they’re also edgy and fun. The designs are one of a kind and you can be sure that if you get a pair of Alo Yoga pants for Christmas, someone in your yoga class will be offering up compliments. Not only do they look good, they’re also made of breathable fabrics that hug your body whether you relaxing in child’s pose or fully active in forearm stand. Either way, these pants are where it’s at.

10. S’well Marble Blue Water Bottle ($45)


This water bottle is amongst the best on the market. It’s pricey, but well worth the extra change. If you fill up with water for your evening Maniac workout, you can be sure that it will stay hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Best part, the outside stays the same temperature the entire time. If you need a refreshing sip in your weightlifting sesh or you want to enjoy hot tea on your way to meditation, this bottle is worth the price.

11. Marseille Yoga Mat ($86)

This ain’t your mama’s yoga mat. This mat by La Vie Boheme is so much more. It’s lightweight and easy to carry but also has a gorgeous design that looks like something you would see on an oriental rug or a wall hanging, rather than a yoga mat. And who knows, maybe it will inspire you to ground down just a little deeper in downward dog or kick up once more into headstand. Either way, you’ll have something pretty to look at during your practice.

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