20 Easy Ways to Find ‘Me Time’ and Nourish Yourself

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Taking care of yourself is your most important task on this earth. Whether you believe that you are a holy temple of the Divine Spark Called Life or a Child of God, you are a precious living being that deserves care and nourishment. You need me time.

Are you a giver? Some natural givers seem to have trouble prioritizing self-care – especially women, and especially mothers. Mothers: if you think taking care of your children is more important than taking care of yourself, just remember this: your job is not only to take care of your children, but to teach them how to take care of themselves. You will be gone someday – and if your children never see you taking care of yourself, they will grow up thinking it’s normal to not take care of themselves.

Taking care of yourself with loving nourishment isn’t just important: it is crucial. “Me time” doesn’t mean that you are selfish. It means that you are a human being who recognizes your personal needs for relaxation, pleasure and play. Recharging your batteries can become part of your daily ritual. Start with little steps towards “me time,” and soon you’ll be inspiring other women to take better care of themselves as well.

  1. Begin each day with a slow stretch before you do anything else, and give silent thanks for your amazing body.
  2. Better yet, sleep in – and don’t feel guilty about it.
  3. Book a massage. When’s the last time you treated yourself to some time at the spa? Find an excellent Groupon or Living Social deal and go for it!
  4. Think of ten things that you love about yourself. Right now. Repeat every morning, and try to think of ten different things every time.
  5. Learn to accept a compliment without belittling yourself or the compliment giver’s opinion. It’s easy: just say thank you.
  6. Visit the salon and have your hair done. Get a new haircut and highlights or just freshen up the style that you love. Walk out feeling like a million bucks.
  7. Take a nap when you need one. Pull out the eye mask and earplugs and set your alarm so that you can really relax.
  8. Do something to make your bed or bedroom more comfortable and relaxing. It doesn’t have to be an expensive makeover. Put on a new set of sheets, rearrange your furniture, buy blackout curtains or hang up a picture of the ocean.
  9. Fix your favorite meal for yourself, including dessert.
  10. Start saving for something that you really, really want – and buy it when the time is right.
  11. Go to your favorite coffee shop, order your favorite indulgence and sip it leisurely.
  12. Seek out a beautiful natural space where you can sit, stop thinking, and enjoy your surroundings.
  13. Ask your husband, partner or friend for something that you need, emotionally or otherwise. No one can read your mind.
  14. Give yourself a hug. Wrap your arms around your body, squeeze and linger this way.
  15. Listen to one of your favorite music albums.
  16. Make that doctor appointment that you’ve been putting off, whether you need to see a dermatologist, therapist, naturopath or gastroenterologist.
  17. Buy a pretty new dress – it doesn’t have to cost a lot, and wear it on a regular day “just because.”
  18. Go for a walk by a lake, river or beach. Let your mind wander at will.
  19. Forget about your to-do list for an entire day. Do whatever you want, eat whatever you want, and spend the day indulging your desires with zero guilt.
  20. Let a friend take you to a movie or to dinner.

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