3 Simple Tips to Going Dairy-Free Without Backsliding

Dairy-free cool whip is just one thing you can have when you're not eating dairy.

As 2015 ticks on, you may be adding new foods to your diet, or you may be trying to eliminate some foods. One common food group people sometimes eliminate is dairy.

Whether you want to eliminate dairy from your diet forever, or for just a few weeks for a simple elimination diet, we’ve rounded up a few tips that will make going dairy-free simple and painless.

1. Don’t forget the calcium

If you’re eliminating dairy from your diet, you need to get your calcium from other sources. The following are some tasty dairy-free sources of calcium:

– Tofu
– Tapioca
– Bok Choy
– Spinach
– Kale
Brocco Leaf

2. Check labels for dairy

You can find dairy in the oddest of places. I’ve found it in vegetable soups (and they weren’t bisques) and in crackers. If you really want to avoid dairy, make sure you read your label. Also: Reading the label will allow you to see the other possible additives that could be lurking in that food.

3. Ditch the package and get in the kitchen

And speaking of packaged food: ditch it. Well, not all of it. We all enjoy an organic frozen pizza or burrito from time to time, but those shouldn’t be daily indulgences. When I started to eliminate dairy from my diet, I began to cook and bake a lot more. Finding substitutes for dairy in recipes is a snap. You can find a ton of dairy-free recipes here at Organic Authority, or many other places on the web.

I really don’t miss dairy in anything, to be honest. I love hemp and rice milk, and adore soy yogurt and tofu. Now, I’ve never been a cheese lover (probably because it makes me feel oogy), so, I know that this transition may be hard for cheese lovers. But if you’re dedicated and open to new types of food, you can find yummy replacements.

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