3 Things Anxious and Unhappy People Have in Common

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We all find ourselves in unhappy situations sometimes. You’re in a funk–struct by sadness, boredom, or complacency. And sometimes when you’re in a bad place you do things that make you feel that much worse. Sadness comes and goes and it even has a positive side–it makes you realize how much being happy rocks. But there are a few things that constantly unhappy people do on a regular basis that lead to their unhappiness.

But there’s good news: three simple tasks can help you put things in perspective. It’s not that these tasks are easy, I can honestly say I fall victim to them from time to time. But they are simple and making a commitment to stopping them can change your life.

1. Comparing yourself to others

We do it when we’re the most vulnerable. If you want to feel extra bad, start comparing yourself to the people around you. You can always find someone who is prettier, richer, and cooler than you. But here’s the thing: you don’t know their story and you have no idea how they feel inside. Keeping the focus on your own progression rather than the success of people around you makes you that much more successful and happy.

2. Gossiping

This goes along with comparing yourself to others. Don’t talk badly about people around you. Try and stop the urge when it comes on. We all struggle with it but it will almost always make you feel guilty afterwards. If you feel yourself getting dragged into it, gracefully change the subject. If you have a friend who loves to talk trash, reconsider the friendship.

3. Caring too much what people think

Always make sure you’re living your life, not someone else’s life. At some point, you have to man (or woman) up and decide that you no longer care what people think. Be nice, compassionate, and caring always, but don’t be ruled by others.

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