3 Things To Do When Yoga and Meditation Aren’t Working

Get back on your horse.

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I’ve practiced yoga for six years. In 2007, I went to Asheville, NC, to get my yoga certification and since then I’ve continued my education in multiple cities. I’ve spent endless hours practicing yoga, meditation, chanting, and doing pranyama (breath work). I’ve converted to a vegetarian diet and swapped soda for kombucha.

I love the yoga lifestyle but recently I went through a tough period when yoga and meditation didn’t seem to be “doing it” for me anymore. When your yoga and mediation practice feels ineffective, it’s easy to just stop practicing, but it’s in these difficult times that you need it the most. Try these three steps to get your yoga and meditation practice back on track:

What To Do When Yoga and Meditation Aren’t Working

1. Get Back on a Healthy Schedule

When you’re in a rocky place it’s difficult to stay on a schedule but it’s that very schedule that gets you back on track. Wake up at the same time every day, preferably before sunrise so that you’re naturally tired at the end of the day and ready for bed. In addition, practice yoga or meditation first thing in the morning to avoid distractions. Think about taking a class: even if you have a home practice, you may need the guidance of an instructor during difficult times. I meditate on my own, but lately I’ve been attending more regimented early morning yoga classes so I can enjoy the community of people practicing yoga along with me.

2. Cut the Uppers and the Downers

When you’re in a bad place and you’re having trouble concentrating, too much caffeine makes the problem infinitely worse. If you love a warm morning beverage, switch to a lightly caffeinated tea. Especially try to reduce caffeine intake during your menstrual cycle because it has a larger impact during this time. Drinking too much alcohol, especially around bedtime, also disrupts your sleep and good sleep is so important to getting back on a schedule. Remember that alcohol takes a toll on your nervous system as well, which makes it difficult to focus during yoga and meditation.

3. Adjust the Yoga Expectations

Sometimes our inflated expectations about yoga (and everything else for that matter) make us unhappy with the results. Release expectations about where you should be and learn to be content with where you are right now. Yoga and meditation are about leaving the past behind, not worrying about the future, and allowing every part of your being to be absorbed in the present moment. Namaste.

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