5 Best Hand Creams for Dry, Cracked Knuckles and Chapped Hands

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The lack of moisture in the air indoors during winter often wreaks havoc on your hands. Your hands may be chapping and dry, and even worse – your knuckles might be cracking to the point that they bleed. If your hands look like a disaster area, you need the best hand cream to return them to their supple state.

Tip #1: Sleep in Socks

When I was young and my knuckles cracked and bled, my grandmother told me to slather my fingers, knuckles, palms, and wrists with a thick coat of Vaseline before bed, and then sleep with socks on my hands. While you may not think of petroleum jelly as the best hand cream, the method still works. All day long, you are washing your hands repeatedly – and it’s hard for lotions and creams to soak in and work their magic. At night however, they can.

If you are having issues this winter with dry, chapped hands and cracked knuckles, choose one of the following natural moisturizers for a little TLC. Apply a generous amount right before bed. Massage the potion in well, paying particular attention to your cuticles and knuckles, and then sleep in a couple of soft socks. Make sure that the socks are thick enough that the potion won’t seep through onto your sheets. Choose tall socks if you are getting your wrists into the moisturizing action.

When you wake up, your hands – and your nails – will be in much better shape. For top results where your fingernails are concerned, remove your polish before the overnight treatment.

Tip #2: Choose the Best Hand Cream

  1. Vitamin E Oil – Many health claims surround this vitamin, which contains antioxidants that fight free radicals. It may also speed healing and reduce scarring. One thing is certain: it is an excellent moisturizer. If you haven’t used it before and have sensitive skin, test a small area of your skin at first before going all out overnight.
  2. Coconut Oil – The saturated fat in coconut oil is a great moisturizer, and it is used all over the world as a beauty booster for hair and skin. Coconut oil also contains 12-carbon Lauric Acid, which can function to kill bacteria and viruses. It’s great protection for bleeding knuckles, and as a bonus – it smells great!
  3. Olive Oil – Olive oil is a prime beauty agent for many Mediterranean women, and it’s probably already in your pantry. It softens the skin and makes it more supple, with healthy fatty acids that also have anti-aging benefits.
  4. Aloe Vera – Use fresh aloe vera gel squeezed from a leaf and massage all over your hands. Aloe vera is particularly good for ruddy hands and knuckles, because it calms inflammation and forms a protective layer on your skin. If you find it too watery to work with, try combining your aloe vera with a few drops of vitamin E oil.
  5. Shea Butter – Rich in vitamins A, E, F, and K, this thick balm is ideal for softening and regenerating the driest skin. Because it is so thick and paste-like, many shea products are mixed with vitamin E oil to make it easier to apply.

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