5 Matte Moisturizers for All the Hydration Without the Shine

5 Matte Moisturizers for All The Hydration Without the Shine

Natural skincare is pretty great; lotions and potions packed full of botanicals extracts and oils have changed the game for the whole beauty industry, with many beauty lovers now recognizing that nourishing the skin is the way forward, not attacking it with anti-this and anti-that.

That said, as much as we want to embrace the fresh glow a lot of natural moisturizers give, sometimes you just need a shine-free day here and there. Luckily, you don’t have to skimp out on giving your skin the plant food it craves with these au naturel matte moisturizers. Who said hydration has to mean shine?

5 Matte Moisturizers That Keep Oily Skin in Check

1. Pai Skincare Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream
Masters of sensitive skin, Pai make some of the best moisturizers around if you want to keep your skincare simple but effective. There’s a cream to suit all sensitive skin’s needs from dry to blemish prone, and this little number is perfect for those who need to bring a bit more balance into their lives (oil production wise, that is). The texture is thicker than most made for oily skin, touting thistle and jojoba oils as the main base, so still feels satisfyingly nourishing without the need to leave a trace of shine behind.

2. Osea Blemish Balm
Although super lightweight, this ultra hydrating moisturizer will quench your skin’s thirst and then some. Ideal for acne prone skin, the ingredients list boasts a blemish-busting array of essential oils including tea tree, thyme, and rosemary, which work to fight bacteria. You’ll also find Osea’s signature marine botanicals, such as Macrocystis Pyrifera, a seaweed known as a rich mineral source and for its antiseptic qualities thanks to its high iodine content. Upon contact with skin, it sinks in instantaneously and leaves skin feeling fresh and plump, minus any residue.

3. Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer
Known for being a luxurious anti-aging line, it can be easy to miss Tata Harper’s matte moisturizer offering. Retaining a youthful complexion doesn’t have to mean piling on thick, heavy creams (no matter what your mother swears by), but instead, it’s providing just enough of what your skin needs. No more, no less. Brimming with aloe vera and complexion smoothing squalene, fine lines, and dry patches will still be taken care of while probiotics balance the skin microbiome, keeping blemish-causing bacteria at bay. Herbal extracts like white willow bark also provide gentle exfoliation to minus congestion. All boxes officially ticked.

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4. Acure Organics Oil Matifying Facial Moisturizer

You don’t need to go luxe to get a matte moisturizer that does exactly what it promises. Fruity extracts of acai, blackberry, and pomegranate provide an antioxidant boost, making it an all-around great day cream to help protect against environmental stresses. Spearmint extract and lavender oil also give this quick absorbing cream and fresh scent which doubles to help keep skin calm and clear. The lack of glass bottle also makes this perfect for popping into your bag for midday top-ups if needed.

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5. Nuori Vital Facial Cream

If you like your skincare as fresh and potent as it can get, look no further. Nuori produces in small batches minus any preservatives, which means a shorter shelf life, but a guarantee that the botanicals inside are still active. While it is not the most matte of the bunch, it is perfect for layering to meet all your moisturizer needs. Apply thicker for a night cream that still absorbs like a dream, or sparingly during the day and under makeup for a lightweight shine-free base. Wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid will ensure your skin gets all the hydration it needs either way.

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