6 Reasons Visiting Belize Is a Really Good Idea


Going on vacation doesn’t mean that your healthy lifestyle goes on hiatus. While exotic beaches may conjure up visions of piña coladas and endless napping for some people, it’s easy to stay healthy when you choose the right vacation destination – and visiting Belize is a super smart destination for people in search of a healthy living paradise.

Imagine traveling to a place that feels very far away – but there’s minimal jet lag from the short flights to and fro. It’s a foreign country, yet everyone speaks English. The tourist infrastructure is well developed and it’s easy to get around, whether you want to explore Mayan ruins in the jungles, experience a cave tubing adventure, or set sail around a postcard-perfect island.

While visiting Belize, you can do all of that – and you’ll discover a destination where healthy living isn’t a trend, but an established way of being. Find out why Belize is a healthy living paradise, and start planning your next Caribbean escape today.

1. Fresh seafood is always in season. From hearty rock lobsters to pink-shelled conch and tasty shrimp, menus on the islands and along the coast are chock full of fresh choices. Feast on the treasures of the sea – all they need is a squirt of lemon juice – and you’ll feel like the queen of the world. High protein, low fat and no carb, seafood is an ideal choice for healthy eaters.

2. Tropical fruits make the perfect dessert. After your dinner of grilled lobster or conch soup, indulge in a tropical fruit salad. Fresh fruits are available everywhere you go, including watermelon, papaya, mango and craboo. Have soursop juice for breakfast, guava salad for lunch and craboo mousse for dessert after dinner.

3. There’s plenty of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Not eating meat is not a problem in Belize, where the national dish is beans and rice. You’ll also find dishes with plantains and sweet potatoes. And of course, the #1 food staple since the times of the Maya continues to be: corn.

4. Organic. Soy. Non-Dairy. Gluten-Free. Sound familiar? You’ll find these types of food products all over the country. Belize is a very progressive country when it comes to alternative and healthy foods. You’ll see signs advertising beef rich in omega-3s, non-dairy ice cream parlors, and locally-grown organic vegetables.

5. Endless adventures. It’s easy to stay active when your options for the afternoon are snorkeling with sharks, climbing 1,000-year old temples, or hiking through a monkey-laden forest. You won’t even notice how many calories you are burning as you explore the treasures of this beautiful land.

6. Relaxed, laid-back culture. It’s impossible to be stressed out on Caye Caulkner, a friendly little Caribbean island with no cars and no high-rise buildings. Even those with type-A personalities will find themselves walking slower and talking slower. Even the dogs are more relaxed. And all over the country, the chilled-out Central American ethos is omnipresent. At first, Americans (especially those from big cities) might bristle at the seeming lack of urgency and efficiency – but after a few days, the laid-back vibe will infect your soul.

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