6 Surprising Things That Cause Weight Gain

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Discover surprising things that cause weight gain, as well as tips for avoiding them, and tricks for becoming slimmer and trimmer.

We all know that if you eat cheese like there’s no tomorrow and spend every evening on the couch watching TV, you’re going to gain weight. Gaining and losing weight depends on how much you move and how much you eat – it’s a mathematical equation that we all know. But there are sneaky factors that heavily influence how much you eat and move – along with your nutritional intake and metabolism.

Things That Cause Weight Gain

  1. Lack of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to obesity, and overweight people are encouraged to check their intake of this crucial vitamin if they are trying to trim up. Vitamin D is naturally provided by sunshine and is also found in dairy products. If your life is lacking either, you might want to consider popping a daily multivitamin.

  1. Food Porn

Do you love to drool over online images of decadent desserts? Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to high calorie cuisine? Is the Food Network your go-to channel? A new study shows that people who use recipes from TV shows and social media sources tend to weigh more.

  1. Your Happy Relationship

Are you happily paired up with a person you adore? People in happy marriages and other committed relationships often gain weight over time. With no impetus to attract a new mate, many coupled-up people stop paying attention to healthy eating and exercise.

  1. Processed Fitness Foods

If you rely on energy bars, protein shakes, and other foods associated with fitness and/or weight loss – you could be sabotaging your health goals. When you consume a product that is branded as “fit,” you may perceive it as healthier and lower in calories than it actually is. As a result, you may eat more, exercise less, and experience weight gain. Tips for combating this phenomenon include eating whole foods instead of branded processed “fitness” foods.

  1. Your Friends

Your close friends and other people you hang out with regularly – like roommates and coworkers – can greatly affect how much you exercise and what you eat. Our immediate social groups create norms for behavior and body type. If your girlfriends always get together over pizza or your co-workers hit the food trucks every day for lunch – it will be really hard to go against the crowd with healthier choices. You don’t have to ditch your friends – just make some new ones who prioritize a healthy lifestyle. They’ll inspire you to do the same.

  1. Warehouse Stores

Buying in bulk at warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco can be a great way to save money. But you also may end up buying more than you really need, and then eating it later so that it doesn’t go to waste. Plus, you’re probably not buying apples and kale in bulk. If you can’t quit the warehouse shopping, at least stash your haul in hard-to-reach places, like high pantry shelves or at the back of cabinets.

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