7 Best Workouts for Any Mood You’re In

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So you’re having one of those days, and your usual workout just isn’t cutting it. Yeah, I hear you. The best workouts don’t matter when all you can think about is stuffing your face with Haagen Dazs (or you know, I could just be projecting).

Depending on why your day is tanking, try adjusting your workout accordingly: Do you need a shot of confidence? Pick a workout you rock at. Do you need to quiet your mind? Choose a soothing workout that isn’t too demanding on the body, but requires enough focus to keep those gears from grinding.

Lucky for you, we’ve been in touch with some ah-mazing fitness experts, and have picked their brains to find out which are the best workouts for your mood:

1. If you’re having a bad day…

Kickboxing is one of the best workouts for letting go of pent up frustration. “You’ll be punching and kicking away all of your troubles, all while getting one of the best full body workouts,” says certified sports nutritionist Ashley Lied. It’s great for burning fat, toning your bod and increasing your confidence. Bam.

2. If you’re feeling sluggish…

“You should definitely go to a Zumba class!” says Lied. “This is a great cardio exercise that fills the room with a ‘happy go-lucky’ type of vibe that’ll change your mood instantly.” There’s a huge community feel to the class, so even if you go in with a case of the blahs, feeding off the energy of your classmates makes it one of the best workouts for getting out of a funk.

3. If you’re in a mood…

Mahri Relin, founder and owner of Body Conceptions, is obsessed with taking a spin class when she’s angry. With the lights down and music pumping, it’s impossible not to release all of your pent-up energy and scream your tuchus off. “You’ll exhaust yourself, and the endorphins coursing through your body will make your problems seem less important by the end of class,” says Relin.

4. If you’re combatting back pain…

Fitness instructor Nicole Labonde considers one of the best workouts for back pain to be Pilates. “Much of back pain is caused by compressing the spine,” says Labonde. “The goal of Pilates is to lengthen and articulate the spine, while learning to support your back with your abs.” She recommends doing Pilates under the supervision of a certified Pilates instructor, especially if your back pain is tied to an injury or condition.

5. If you’re fighting a cold…

Lied suggests staying away from any of your usual strength-training routines, since when you’ve got a cold your defenses are lower and you feel weaker. Focus on light exercise, such as spending some time on an exercise bike or going for a quick jog. Don’t do anything too taxing – and if the cold is in your chest, ditch working out of any kind and rest, rest, rest.

6. If you’re feeling scattered…

“Bikram yoga is one of my favorite kinds of exercises when I’m feeling scattered,” says Relin. “The heat combined with holding challenging balance poses forces me to focus very acutely on my body. I can’t possibly pay attention to anything else, and the focus I gain in class carries with me the rest of the day. Just make sure you drink lots of water!”

7. If you’re in a slump…

Go for a walk. “Don’t think of it as exercise,” says Linda Copeland, certified personal trainer and owner of Breakthrough Fitness. “Think of it as a chance to be alone with your thoughts. The mere act of moving your body through space will make you feel more energized, motivated and centered.”

When you need a boost, what are the best workouts you turn to?

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