7 Natural Perfumes to Help You Break Your Fragrance Addiction

Toss your chemical-laden perfumes away.

7 Natural Perfumes to Help You Break Your Fragrance Addiction
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Scents are part of our daily lives. They can instantly remind us of a special someone or transport us to a special place. But what we don’t usually think about is what exactly is in the fragrances we use and what chemicals we are spraying directly on our skin. 

We’re here to introduce you to natural perfume and to tell you why you should make the switch.

The Trouble With Fragrances

Did you know that our skin can absorb over 60% of what it comes into contact with? The Good Trade noted that “According to the Environmental Working Group, most scents in perfumes are synthesized from the fragrance industry’s 3,100 stock chemical ingredients or are derived from petroleum,” and these chemicals can be harmful to our health.

One of the most dangerous groups of chemicals found in most conventional fragrances is phthalates. This is a group of chemicals known to be endocrine disruptors and has been linked to breast cancer, developmental issues, decreased fertility, obesity, and asthma. They could also be to blame for the headaches you may experience when wearing certain fragrances. They’re added to perfumes as stabilizing agents, but now many natural perfume brands have found ways to create beautiful scents without phthalates or other harmful chemicals.

Top Natural Perfume Questions Answered

To learn more about the importance of natural perfumes, the founder of natural perfume company, The 7 Virtues, Barb Stegemann, answered a couple of our most pressing questions:

Organic Authority: Why are clean, non-toxic fragrances important? 

Barb Stegmann: Your skin is your largest organ. So it absorbs anything you put on it. We all love to smell lovely and should be empowered to have our own personal brand or ‘trademark’ and scent is the most powerful way to do this. So it’s very important that your scent is non-toxic for both the wearer and those around them. 

OA: What toxic chemicals are found in most fragrances and how harmful are they?

BS: Most fragrances contain varying levels of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, UV inhibitors, and formaldehyde. The real reason they do this is to make the scent stick to your skin and last longer. But those chemicals are not good for you and don’t need to be added. There are natural ‘fixatives” like vetiver, vanilla, and rose essential oils. You can use naturals and what we do is bump up the amounts of fragrance so they last. We have doubled our fragrances oils. So instead of 10 – 15% fragrance oils, we add 22 – 30% fragrance oils so they last but naturally. Then we infuse our fragrances with organic sugar cane alcohol. So we have cracked the code on how to make a long-lasting scent without those chemicals listed above. It costs more for us in production, but we feel you deserve an excellent product. 

So, are you looking for a natural perfume with absolutely NO phthalates that smells beautiful? So are we. 

After thoughtful research and trial and error, we discovered companies that are health-conscious and formulate their natural perfumes without phthalates or other harmful toxins, while still managing to produce scents so beautiful, you’ll be spraying yourself all day.

Our Favorite Natural Perfumes

1. Naturabrasil Nectar Eau de Parfum $95

This warm scent is sensual, timeless and romantic. With hints of citrus and warm amber, you’ll be feeling empowered all day long. Made with organic alcohol and no phthalates, sustainable and never tested on animals. 

2. The 7 Virtues Rose Amber Eau de Perfume $77

This fragrance is full to the brim of beautiful roses, with warming cinnamon and amber and vanilla undertones. You’ll feel as precious and unique as the essential oils that are used in the delicate formula. This perfume is vegan and cruelty-free, using organic alcohol and natural ethically sourced essential oils.

3. Ellis Brooklyn Myth Eau de Parfum $100

With notes of jasmine and tiger orchid, this scent is clean and airy, but with a seductive warmth with the help of ambrette and white cedarwood. This fragrance is sure to turn heads and is made with non-toxic ingredients and packaged using environmentally friendly materials.

4. DedCool Taunt $80

Taunt features a blend of bergamot, amber, and vanilla, with a top note of fresh dew, making it beautifully warm and sweet with a clean and subtle twist. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, this fragrance is non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan.

5. PHLUR Hanami $88

Fresh, crisp and bright, this fragrance is minimalist yet memorable. Leaping bunny certified, sustainable and clean, PHLUR donates a portion of every bottle purchase to improve outcomes and sustain livelihoods for the individuals, communities, and natural resources that fill every bottle with love.

6. CLEAN Reserve Acqua Neroli $95

Do you love smelling fresh and clean? This fragrance is made for you. With key notes of Neroli, Bergamot, and Sandalwood, you’ll surely be feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. This fragrance is cruelty-free, vegan, phthalate free, non-toxic and is packaged eco-consciously. 7. 

7. Naturabrasil Rainforest Eau de Parfum $95

A trip to the rainforest is just a spritz away. Feel refreshed and invigorated with this light, airy and beautiful fragrance. Made with organic alcohol, no phthalates and eco-conscious. 

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