7 Spring Cleaning Tips for That Messy Makeup Bag of Yours

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I’m a firm believer the state of our makeup bag represents what the inside of our head looks like. (True, no?) And with spring cleaning tips popping up everywhere to remind us of how dirty our homes are, I thought I’d add to the pressure by making sure you don’t forget to spruce up your makeup bag. (Don’t mention it.)

They say you should overhaul your makeup bag at least once a season, to which you’re probably thinking, “Pfffft!” Since you know, that’s exactly how I reacted. But don’t fret: The process isn’t as labor-intensive as it sounds. Just sit your tuchus down in front of a good show or movie, makeup bag in hand, and the time will fly.

Oh right, you’d probably like the tips now. Below, 7 easy spring cleaning tips for your hot mess of a makeup bag:

1. Clean your makeup bag

Dump everything out of your makeup bag and depending on what it’s made of, throw it in the washing machine or give it a good scrub down with soap and water.

2. Ditch what you’re not using

I know, I know: Makeup is expensive. But whether that barely-touched product takes up precious real estate in your makeup bag or not, it doesn’t change the fact you’ve wasted money on something you’re never going to use. The best thing you can do is learn from your faux pas and move on. Plus, with that dusty product of the way, you’ll make room for beauty products you’ll not only use, but love.

3. Toss what’s expired

If some of your beauty products don’t have an expiration date, try and think back to when you purchased them. Natural beauty products tend to last three months to one year (for example, three months for mascaras, one year for lip balms). As you buy new products, write the date of purchase on the bottom of each jar and bottle, then use our handy guide to determine when to toss them.

4. Replace your makeup sponges

Ideally, you should wash your makeup sponges after every use and replace them a minimum of once a month. Simply run the sponge under warm water and using a few drops of mild soap or shampoo, massage the soap into the sponge. Rinse until the water runs clear, wring it out, and let it dry in an open space.

5. Clean your makeup brushes

Again, bust out a mild soap or cleanser and gently clean the bristles. Avoid getting the barrel below the bristles wet—otherwise, you run the risk of them loosening and falling out. Thoroughly rinse each brush and lay them on a flat towel, letting them dry overnight.

6. Buy multi-tasking products

What’s not to love about multi-tasking products? They save you money, time and space… which you know, can be filled with more beauty products. The number of looks you’ll be able to create for yourself—on a fraction of the products—is bananas.

7. Shop for timeless cosmetics

Trends are super fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s why so many of us end up with a tsunami of beauty products pushing us out of our own bathroom (and well, purse). Be your own personal trendsetter and buy beauty products you know you’ll never tire of. Don’t bother obsessing over whether your lipstick is “in” or not—just buy it because that’s how you roll.

What cosmetic-related spring cleaning tips would you recommend?

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