8 Tiny Adventures to Try Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

dancing in the rain

Getting out of your comfort zone might not be easy, but it’s worth it.

If you’re the adventurous type who longs for exciting endeavors and vistas unknown, you’ve probably already realized that daily life involves a fair amount of drudgery: dishes to be washed, emails to be answered and details to be tended to. Even if you go on several trips each year, you’re going to encounter an unwelcome dose of monotony on occasion.

If you’re not the adventurous type, ask yourself why. Does the idea of trying something new scare you? Are you worried that you might look silly getting of your comfort zone, or do you just like staying with the tried and true? Here’s a tip: when you go outside of your comfort zone – it expands!

Either way, indulging in tiny adventures in your life is a great way to put the pizzazz in your day-to-day existence. Many of our days just fade into the oblivion of memory, meshing together to become an amorphous blob of jumbled recollection.

Try out these tiny adventures and you will gift yourself with a day to remember.

1. Ask someone new to get together with you. Whether it’s a first date or a new friendship, reaching out to connect with another human being puts your ego on the line. It can be just as terrifying as bungee jumping!

2. Pitch a tent in your backyard. Can’t go camping? Experience your homestead from a new perspective. Find a friend and spend a night outdoors sleeping under the stars. If you don’t have a yard, pitch a tent in your living room for an evening in the Great Indoors.

3. Dine out alone in a new restaurant. Find an intriguing eatery that you’ve never tried and enjoy a lingering dinner on your own with appetizer and dessert. Bonus points if it’s a new cuisine that you haven’t had before.

4. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Put on some comfy shoes and head out in a direction that you haven’t seen before. Wander where you want to go, with no plan in mind, and see what you see.

5. Get dirty. Find a way to get messy or dirty and let yourself go. Make mud pies or finger paint with the kids. Sign up for a mud or paint race. Plant some new flowers in your garden, or try a pottery class. Immerse yourself in the moment.

6. Pick a local attraction and go. Often we don’t make an effort to visit local museums, gardens or other “tourist” attractions because we know we can do so any day of the week. Make that day today. Pick a local attraction and spend the afternoon exploring.

7. Get soaked. The next time in rains, don’t immediately run for cover or reach for your umbrella. Instead, embrace the drop and walk slowly in the rain. Turn your face towards the sky and let yourself be soaked in the rain. Splash in a puddle and catch a rain drop in your mouth.

8. Play photographer. Grab your camera or smartphone and head out to one of your favorite local neighborhoods with a theme in mind: flowers, architecture, food, angles, trees, old people, dogs, cats, whatever. See how many shots of your subject you can find.

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