Are You Using a Tongue Scraper Yet? It Fights Bad Breath and Boosts Health


When I first learned about tongue scraping several years ago, I thought it was bogus. What could scraping the tongue really do that mattered? Turns out, a lot. A tongue scraper, also known as a tongue cleaner or a tongue brush, is an oral hygiene tool that is designed to rid your tongue of bacteria, food debris, fungi, dead cells, and mucus. When you wake up in the morning, tongue scraping is one of the first things you should do before you drink or eat anything else. It’ll work wonders for your health and your chronic bad breath! Here are 5 reasons to convince you to get scrapin’.

1. Improve your health

By scraping away bacteria, food debris, fungi, dead cells and mucus from your tongue, you’re virtually cleaning your body up of some unnecessary gunk. This inevitably makes you healthier.

2. Improve your ability to taste

With all that gunk on your tongue, it’s harder to get whatever your eating in proper contact with your taste buds. Expose them for the ultimately gustatory pleasure!

3. Avoid re-absorption of toxins

If you let bacteria sit on your tongue and do nothing to get rid of it, your body will reabsorb the bacteria back into your blood stream, which compromises the health of your cells. Solution: tongue scraper.

4. Improve dental health

This one is a no-brainer. A cleaner tongue means a cleaner mouth, which means cleaner teeth! Let those pearly whites go untouched by excess bacteria and fungi. And, by tongue scraping, you’re keeping your breath deliciously sweet instead of chronic bad breath (always a perk in my book).

5. Understand your anatomy

Tongue scraping brings you closer to your tongue and its mysteriously revealing ways. If you notice the color of your tongue changing, you can better assess your internal health. Monitor your tongue and see how its hues change according to your well being. Soon, you’ll be able to read your body through you tongue!

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