Keep Getting Sick? This Could Be Causing It

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Do you keep getting sick? Well, don’t dive for the bed–it could be your bed itself that’s causing your malaise.

Most people consider their bed to be an oasis of comfort, a refuge at the end of the day where worries drift away. But in reality, beds can be a refuge for nasty things as well. Sweat and mold. Fungus and feces.

Is Your Bed Making You Sick?


Do you wake up hot and sweaty during the night? Your sheets and mattress protector soak up all that sweat. Studies show that some people sweat up to 26 gallons per year as they sleep. Sweat may contain the harmful bacteria that cause strep throat and staph infections.

Remedy: Use a fan or A/C to keep your bedroom cooler at night, and wash your linens in hot water at least once every week. Make sure that your sheets are completely dry before putting them back on your bed.

Dust Mite Feces

Dust mites feed on dead skin cells from humans, and many people are highly allergic to their droppings. Yes, there is dust mite feces in your bed. It can cause respiratory distress, itchy, watery eyes, causing you to keep getting sick.

Remedy: Wash your sheets often, and use a mattress protector. Keep your home dusted, and vacuum using a HEPA filter at least once per week (including vacuuming your mattress). Toss pillows in the washer and dryer at least once per year.


As you go about your day, pollen and dander stick to your hair and body, especially during the spring and fall allergy seasons. You bring these allergens right into your bed, where you roll around in them all night long.

Remedy: Shower and/or wash your hair at night to rinse off allergens, particularly if you suffer from allergies.

Pet Funk

Do you let your dog or cat sleep in the bed? Pet fur is often covered in allergens, and dander is an irritant itself. We won’t mention what might be on Fido’s paws and rear end.

Remedy: You know what you have to do. Kicking a pet out of the bed can be hard – but once the transition is made, you will be amazed at how much better you sleep. Can’t bear to banish your buddy to the floor? Make them sleep on top of the bed on a special blanket that is washed often, and vacuum your entire bed area at least once per week. For pets that go outside, wipe off their paws before they get tucked in –- and don’t forget to bathe them regularly!

Fungus and Mold

Beds are hotspots for molds and fungi, which thrive in the warm, damp environment. One recent study discovered more than one million fungus spores in each pillow that they tested. Fungus and mold can exacerbate asthma and cause fatal infections in patients with certain cancers.

Remedy: Don’t make your bed immediately after you get up. Pull the sheets back and let it air out for 15-20 minutes or until the bed no longer feels warm and damp. You can also use an air purifier with a HEPA filter in your bedroom to reduce fungus and mold.

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