Why Dermalinfusion is the New and Improved Microdermabrasion

It's safer and less invasive than microdermabrasion.

Why Dermalinfusion is the New and Improved Microdermabrasion
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With so many buzzwords in the beauty sphere, from hyaluronic acid to microneedling, it’s tough to keep up with the newest trends and know what is actually effective at treating various skin issues. The newest one to pop up on our radar lately is dermalinfusion. It sounds a little intimidating, so we sat down with a professional to get to the bottom of it. In our interview with GLO Spa NY dermalinfusion and are here to tell you that it really does work!

What is Dermalinfusion?

Glo Skin & Laser describes it as “an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance.” Okay, we’re interested.

The pen-shaped tool is swept across your face with a diamond sand-paper-like plate to buff away dead skin and improve skin texture, while a vacuum in the middle unclogs pores and removes those dead skin cells. Meanwhile, the pen deposits serum directly into your pores. It’s completely painless, you just feel a slight sucking sensation as the pen glides across your skin.

Is it Better than Microdermabrasion?

While microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure, sanding away the top layer of skin on targeted areas, dermalinfusion is not invasive at all and is safe to use all over the face. According to Glo Skin & Laser, “microdermabrasion does not infuse anything into the dermis, which can leave your skin dry, irritated, and, if you’re acne prone, can trigger a breakout.” They also told us that with dermalinfusion, they work “from the middle of the face to the ears to promote lymphatic drainage [and] go in a slow sweeping motion that is quite relaxing and not stressful on the skin,” whereas “there is no specific direction to go in with a microdermabrasion, and sometimes severe overlapping can occur which can cause redness and sensitivity for days.”

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

We’re used to hearing it’s going to take multiple sessions before skin treatments start to make a visible difference, so you can imagine our surprise when Glo Skin & Laser told us “you can see impressive results on your very first treatment!” Thanks to the serums and gentle resurfacing, you’ll leave with a beautifully hydrated and brightened complexion. Glo Skin & Laser did mention that “if you’re battling hyper-pigmentation, it may take about three treatments to see a more significant change, but it’s much safer than getting laser facials or chemical peels.”

So there you have it. Instant results from a safe and gentle treatment! Have you booked your appointment yet?

But What About Achieving Similar Results Without Dermalinfusion?

Just in case there’s any reason you can’t have a dermalinfusion session to clean out your pores, we asked Glo Skin & Laser what at-home tips they suggest. We were told that using a good serum at night would be really helpful in cleaning pores and keeping your complexion bright. Kypris Clearing Serum to clear acne naturally is a great option.

They also “love those vacuum-based blackhead removers, [which] you can order on Amazon for as little as $30, but you have to careful and not use it on acne, [since] the vacuum is strong and can cause bruising.” 

While these products won’t give you the same results as a dermalinfusion treatment, they’re still effective at promoting a clear complexion, making them useful if you’re unable to go in for a session or if you’re looking to maintain bright, clear skin between treatments.

We love dermalinfusion for how gentle and effective it is. Being able to forego harsh chemical peels for this quick and painless resurfacing treatment that delivers immediate results sounds too good to be true, but that little pen-like device really does it all. Now that we’ve cleared up another beauty buzzword, it’s time for you to go clear up your skin!

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