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Ditch the Chemicals and Treat Sensitive Skin Naturally: Naturally Me Founder, Chaundra Smith

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Back Away From the Chemicals and Treat Sensitive Skin Naturally

Searched high and low for natural skincare that treats dry and sensitive skin? Naturally Me founder, Chaundra Smith, shares how her brand can settle your skin down once and for all.

Why does it seem dry and sensitive skin go hand in hand? It usually boils down to an oil imbalance. Dry skin becomes irritated and red due to lack of moisture. Sensitive skin dries out when it comes into contact with overly harsh ingredients.

All natural, chemical-free skincare is always the safest choice, and especially important for those with sensitive skin. But even when going natural, be sure certain ingredients aren't sapping skin of valuable moisture or causing irritation. You may be surprised to learn that a breakfast favorite is effective in treating dry and sensitive skin.

We all love a good bowl of oatmeal. Oats offer vitamins and nutrients, fill us up and keep us regular, and taste amazing.

Oatmeal is chock full of antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory, known to cleanse, protect, and soothe skin. This is why Naturally Me uses gluten-free oatmeal to create super gentle skincare products. The brand also enlists the help of plant oils to hydrate and balance.

Want to learn more about Naturally Me? Thought you might.

An Interview with Chaundra Smith of Naturally Me

Organic Authority: Your line is vegan and created for dry, sensitive skin types. What led you to develop products in this target range?

Chaundra Smith: My family has very sensitive skin. The word "natural" is carelessly thrown around in the skincare industry. After doing extensive research, I noticed that there were not many truly natural products for people with sensitive skin.

OA: What is your ingredient commitment other than vegan?

CS: We do not use any artificial fragrances, we only scent our products with essential oils, and our products are 100% natural.

OA: What is your background in skincare?

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From the Organic Authority Files

CS: Although I don't have formal training in chemistry, I do consider myself as an expert on sensitive skin care. As I mentioned earlier, my children and grandchildren have very sensitive skin. Because of my love for them, I devoted a lot of time to learning all that I could about skincare.

OA: You also offer a delivery box. What does it include?

CS: We offer three Just for Me Boxes. Our Skin Care Box includes a 5oz Soap Bar, All Over Butter, and a bonus item. The bonus item will change every month. We also have two soy candle boxes. One is a fragrance oil candle box and the other is an essential oil candle box. Each box comes with two 6oz candles. It will also include six tealight candles of the next month’s scent.

OA: Naturally Me supports several different causes. Could you share those with us and talk a bit about your project, Random Acts of Kindness?

CS: Naturally Me is all about finding ways to put smiles on people's faces. Because we never know what a person is going through, our kind act could help them get through their day. Our most recent random act of kindness was held on April 24, 2015 in Chicago. We teamed up with Toni Smith of KamFam Creations and gave 25 random people free bus rides and goodie bags filled with wonderful products.

OA: What is one beauty tip all woman should know?

CS: If a person has dry skin and/or sensitive skin, they should apply moisturizer within in the first couple of minutes after getting out of the shower or bath. They should first want to pat their skin dry instead of rubbing it dry. The rubbing can irritate their skin. Then the moisturizer should be applied. This will help seal in the moisture from the bath or shower.

OA: And, I always ask, who has influenced your style?

CS: My children influence my style. I have two small children and I wake up and see a whole new day through their eyes. That helps me to remember to have fun and not take things so seriously. Tomorrow is not promised, so have as much fun and make a positive impact on others today.

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