5 Ways Having Sex Makes You Healthier: Doctor’s Orders!

having sex

We all know that a good romp in the sheets can make you feel fantastic – but having sex can also boost your health in myriad ways. Studies continue to show that like exercise, sex is a near-universal tonic that can help you to lose weight, relieve pain, boost your immune system, and finally relax. It may even keep you looking young.

Discover the Health Benefits of Sex

1. Having Sex Boosts Physical Fitness.

The gym isn’t the only place where you get sweaty doing cardio. With the horizontal tango, you’ll burn an average of 69 calories for women and 100 calories for men (according to a recent study by the University of Quebec at Montreal). While it’s no HIIT session, sex provides healthy, fitness-boosting activity. Want to know exactly how many calories you can burn? Check out this sex calculator, which takes into consideration your and your partner’s gender and weight, plus the position you are in.

2. Having Sex Increases Circulation.

Afterglow is real. Heavy breathing and a pounding heart send a fresh blood supply throughout your body, saturating your organs and cells with oxygen to give you a natural glow. As new blood arrives, old blood is removed along with waste products that can cause illness, fatigue, and disease. Want to keep that glow for life? BBC reports that a study by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital revealed that people having regular sex looked 5-12 years younger than they actually were. But take note: the anti-aging effects only applied to people having sex with a regular partner in a loving relationship – not in casual activity.

3. Having Sex Relieves Pain.

The next time you have a migraine, try hopping into bed instead of popping a pill. Cephalalgia reports that one-third of migraine sufferers find that having sex relieves their chronic headaches. Having an orgasm – even solo – releases endorphins, which can help to ease the pain of a headache.

4. Having Sex Boosts Your Immune System.

Jumping between the sheets introduces new bacteria to your body from your partner’s mouth and other parts. Your body responds by producing immunoglobulin A, an antibody that protects you against cold viruses. A study from Wilkes-Barre University showed that the levels of immunoglobulin A were 30% higher in college students that had sex once or twice per week vs. students that never had sex or had sex once a week. Caveat: They also had higher levels of immunoglobulin A than students who had sex three or more times per week. So don’t overdo it!

5. Having Sex Decreases Stress.

Just like meditation, having sex can create a feeling of deep relaxation – and all the health benefits that come along with it. For many people, according to Psychology Today, being stressed out makes them less likely to want to have sex. But for sex, the medicine is the cure. Having sex can reduce anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and even help you sleep.

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