8 Natural Beauty Mists for Face, Hair, and Body

8 Natural Beauty Mists for Face, Hair, and Body

The only thing better than a superb product is a superb product that multi-tasks! Mists are a great example of one such item. Able to address mood, hydration and conditioning in a single bound, mists deliver when it comes to diversity of purpose.

Dull, dry hair? Mist it marvelous. Craving a refreshed, dewy glow? Mist to the rescue once more. Mists can impart aromatherapy benefits and set makeup for a flawless finish. Talk about bang for your buck! Perfect to toss in your bag, keep in your office, in your car or next to your nightstand. And don’t forget to pack a travel size on your next trip, traveling with a mist is a must!

This single product has so much to offer, we’ve compiled a list of our top mist uses by category.


  1. Hydrate (great to spritz during flights).
  2. Set your Makeup
  3. Refresh a tired face
  4. Aromatherapy Benefits
  5. Soak a cotton pad and remove traces of makeup


  1. Add Shine
  2. Hydrate dry strands
  3. Scent your hair with Natural oils
  4. Refresh your blow out


  1. Moisturize
  2. Add a dewy glow
  3. Aromatherapy Benefits
  4. Great as a post-workout refresher or after-sun hydration

Favorite Mists

1. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist
This gorgeous pink mist has a base of organic coconut water and is infused with hibiscus and rose extract to hydrate and refresh. No perfumes, dyes or synthetic preservatives. Vegan & cruelty-free.

2. Salt by Hendrix, Flowers in Your Hair – Neroli
The name says it all – flowers in your hair, literally. This floral concoction made with organic Aloe Vera and Neroli is your perfect companion. Keep your hair, body, and face moisturized and refreshed everywhere. Once you start misting you wont want to stop.

3. Osea Sea Mineral Mist
This ultra calming mist contains 100% naturally derived ingredients like aloe vera and wild gigartina to soothe irritation and inflammation. A superb option for sunburned or otherwise stressed skin.

4. Little Barn Apothecary Coconut Pear Soothing Mineral Mist
Although the scent may inspire you to drink it, this mist is best reserved for hair and skin. Virgin coconut, pear, and aloe vera combine to deliver refreshing nourishment ideal for post-workout or post-sun exposure.

5. Leahlani Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toning Mist
This gentle formula works wonders on sensitive skin, toning, and moisturizing. Key ingredients include aloe water and Hawaiian sea salt. Each bottle contains a Rose Quartz Gemstone to soothe not only skin, but soul, too!

6. Cocovit Coconut Water Hydro-Mist
Use this mist for a radiant splash of hydration and powerful antioxidants throughout the day and/or apply liberally as a toner.

7. Odacite Rose Neroli Hydra Vitalizing Treatment Mist
Formulated for all skin types, this treatment mist contains the astringent Aspen Bark and moisturizing fresh aloe vera juice. Designed to balance, restore while also addressing acne and blemishes.

8. Sacred Rose Water Spray Body Mist & Aromatherapy
This spray can be applied to face and body. It calms, cleanses, and soothes. Rose essence delivers aromatherapy benefits that encourage harmony between mind, body, and soul. Made with just two ingredients: water and 100% pure rose oil.

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