Fair Trade Marula Oil for Glowing Skin

In case you’ve missed it, oils are the new love child of healthy skin.

Dwindling are the days when when oil was to be stripped away from the skin with the harshest detergents and alcohol-based products for fear those oils were the root of all evils: breakouts. It turns out, overdrying the skin and removing its natural lipid barrier (those oils) only makes the problem worse, making skin more susceptible to infection by removing it’s natural protection and signalling skin to over produce oils to compensate for what it has lost.

Hailed as a miracle skin oil, marula oil, a plant oil indigenous to Africa, contains 60-70 percent Oleic Acid (omega-9 fatty acid), an exceptionally high level, which allows for easy penetration, rapid absorption and long lasting hydration for the skin. It’s also very high in antioxidants, including vitamin E, flavanols, condensed tannins, and catechins, much like those found in green tea. And it is a remarkably stable oil, resisting oxidation (spoilage) for far longer than many other oils, which means it will still provide the same benefits long after you’ve cracked the lid.

How a beauty oil is produced is also an important consideration and marula oil is no exception. When shopping for marula oil, look for oils that are organic, Fair Trade, or both, and that have been hand pressed. This production method ensures the oil has been processed in a sustainable manner, that the people, most often women, have been paid a fair wage and that the final product will be free of chemical solvents. 

Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.

Interested in giving it a try? For use on the body, the Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil by Persephenie is a true luxury. A blend of marula and other beneficial skin oils infused with neroli orange flowers, it smells divine, soothing the senses while it smoothes and plumps dry skin. 

Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.

For the face, The Leakey Collection’s Marula Oil is 100 percent Fair Trade and a good option for all skin types, even oily or blemish prone, as it is quickly absorbed and won’t clog pores, and is especially beneficial for dry or aging skin.

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Image: Mike Monaghan