Body By Gia’s Tips on How to Build a Bigger Booty and Loving Your Body Shape

Build that booty in no time

Craving some curves but weren’t born with the hour-glass figure of Kim Kardashian West or Beyoncé? No sweat. According to Gina Fey, international fitness trainer and owner of Body By Gia, you can still achieve a similar booty-full silhouette with the right exercise and diet plan.

“I have put some curves on girls with nothing but it takes a lot of work and discipline,” she tells Organic Authority. “It won’t ever be a Kim K. booty but it will be a good handful of curves.”

In Fey’s Curvy Girl Fitness Program, she helps clients to add and enhance curves by focusing on the accessory muscles in the glutes, including the hips and “underbutt”, as well as the shoulders.

“The muscles we work less on are the obliques since those muscles make the waist appear wider and that takes away from the hourglass look,” Fey says. “So building the shoulders and glutes will help give you the curvy girl body.”

Curious about chasing those curves? Here’s what else you need to know.

The Top Butt-Building Exercises

Other than squats, Fey recommends bridges and donkey kicks to help boost that booty.

“These work your accessory muscles in the glutes and hips to help shape curves,” she says. “Lunges are also very effective as well as deadlifts because both activate several muscles in the legs and glutes at the same time. These help build those curves!”

Don’t Forget Cardio

While it’s easy to overtrain and lose muscle by doing too much cardio, you’ll need to include some sweat sessions in order to burn fat to expose those sculpted curves. Fey recommends spinning.

“It’s the most effective cardio to build a booty and works wonders when combined with my curvy girl workouts,” she says. “It also keeps your waist small since it burns a lot of fat, and having a flat tummy gives the booty a more curvy appearance.”

Diet Is Key

According to Fey, diet is 80% of the curve-building process. Exercise alone won’t help grow the buns, says Fey, which is why it’s important to fuel your body with the right foods.

Fey recommends foods that are high in protein and low in fat, like fish and chicken, but also says consuming equal amounts of carbohydrates is just as key.

“It’s important to combine the two since they both assist in getting nutrients to the muscles to repair after a workout,” she says.

Consistency is Everything

Dedication to your workout and diet plan is vital when it comes to building curves. If you’re serious about building a booty, Fey says, don’t be surprised if it takes about a year to see a result.

“It takes a long time to put on muscle; especially for females,” she says. “On average we can put on one to three pounds of muscle a month and that comes with consistent resistant training and diet. In 12 months we can add 10-12 pounds. Not eating delays the process and so does taking breaks. Atrophy (loss of muscle) happens fast, so if you are truly committed to building those curves you have to stick to it.”

Fey recommends doing at least two least workouts per week for 30 to 45 minutes, adding progressive volume throughout. “Any more than two times a week will actually a reduced size of the booty,” she says. “Realistically you can start seeing some results within the first couple workouts but only in tightness and lifting. Building a booty-full body takes time.”

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, while the Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez make a booty-full body look really good, learning to love and accept your body shape means more than achieving washboard abs or a lifted derriere.

“Learning to really love and accept our self is hard and takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight and fitness is only one component of body love,” says Fey. “Acceptance comes with faith; faith in your higher power, and faith in yourself. I believe that we are exactly where we’re meant to be and we go through what is necessary in life to get to a place where we desire to take better care of our body, mind, and spirit. Fitness is a journey of self-discovery and only the start to loving your body.”

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