The Wellness Routine that HEAL Director Kelly Noonan Gores Swears By

Her tips are 2020 #goals.

Kelly Noonan Gores knows a thing or two about healing and resetting the body. Through her work, the author, director and producer of HEAL, the award-winning documentary, and the companion book of the same name, has set out to prove that it is never too late for the body to heal. 

Both the documentary and the book reveal the body’s incredible ability to heal itself and teaches us that we have more control over our health and life than we have been led to believe—we just have to awaken the powerful healer within.

“The opposite of disease is health, so health, and healing, is ease,” Noonan Gores told Organic Authority when asked what healing means to her. “I think we are meant to thrive and share the gifts that we came here on the planet to express.”

Noonan Gores says the film was “a calling.” Describing herself as an empath, Noonan Gores says she became fascinated by how the human body works and how intricately our minds and bodies are connected after being inundated with stories of people becoming sick. 

“I have a deep passion for understanding how things work,” she says. “So once I started to learn about the power of the mind and the power of the heart, and the mind-body connection, I thought, ‘Wow, a lot of people are walking around as victims and disempowered, and if they just knew just how powerful their minds and bodies are, then they would no longer have to suffer. They can heal. They can improve their lives and make better choices.”

This means that our daily habits have the power to create our moods and reality, therefore what we do every day truly can affect our well-being for the better or worse. 

While some people might become overwhelmed with the thought that they have the power to heal themselves, Noonan Gores shares her easy-to-follow wellness routine that is sure to lift your spirits, ease your mind, and invigorate your body. 


According to Noonan Gores, your spiritual routine is just as important your physical hygiene. 

“Meditating is like showering for your body,” says Noonan Gores. “We’re inundated with so much from our smartphones. It can be overwhelming. In the book and in the film, [we talk about] how the first step in disease is accumulation. So meditation is a great way to remove and release the stress from the mind. Otherwise you’re accumulating all this stress in the mind that can lead to anxiety and depression.”

Noonan Gores, who learned transcendental meditation, recommends taking a meditation course because “when you learn about the actual benefits of meditation, like the physiological and spiritual effects, and their meaning, the more likely you’ll stick to the practice because you know there are real benefits to it.”

If you just want to dive in and start, she recommends apps, like Calm and Headspace. “Start there. Commit to five or ten minutes every morning and do it every day until it feels good, and then you can move it up to 20 minutes eventually.”

Commit to Gratitude Work

“A major of part of healing is releasing negative emotions and having positive feelings,” says Noonan Gores. “Over time negative emotions can destruct the body so we want to heal the body by generating positive emotions.” One way Noonan Gores does this is by gratitude journaling. 

“I will write down at least three things that I’m grateful for before I go to sleep. So it gets me to a place of gratitude and pulls me away from the minutiae of the day and helps me to focus on what makes me happy.”

She says experts featured in her book also recommend combining visualization with heightened emotion — like gratitude, joy, and love — that can help with manifesting, which is why she’ll sprinkle in a little visualization with her gratitude. 

“For example, I’ll say how grateful I am for the health of my baby daughter but then I’ll also express gratitude for things that I want as if I already have them,” says Noonan Gores. “Like, for example, a new car. I’ll write, ‘I’m so grateful that I have a new car that I have and which can safely transport my daughter.'” 

Noonan Gores says the mind doesn’t know whether or not we have the car or not, which is why when we say these things, we can help manifest them into our lives

“Our brains are hardwired for survival. We are always looking for threats, so we can take off or fight. And now have all these little threats in our lives, like bills, societal pressures, social media, that keeps our mind hijacked. So we’re always living in a constant cycle of stress,” she says. “This is why we need practices to like gratitude work to help us manifest, elevate our feelings, and take back the reins of our minds.”

Noonan Gores says writing down five things every night “is a great way to wrap up the day in a grateful tone and you go to sleep in that tone, and you’ll start to feel better.” 

Disconnect from Tech and Connect with Nature 

Noonan Gores recommends going out in nature for 10 to 20 minutes per day. “We are very disconnected from nature these days, especially if you live in the city. So it’s really important if you live in the city, go to a local park and put your feet in the grass, or go for a hike if you live near trails.” 

Noonan Gores prefers to walks barefoot in her backyard. “There are many studies that prove that walking bare feet in the earth have tremendous healing effects,” she says. “I instantly feel the lowering of my blood pressure, my nervous system calming down, and then I can handle the stress of the day.” For those who are living in the colder climates during the winter and who can’t walk barefoot in the snow, she recommends using an earthing and/or grounding mat that will have similar effects. 

“Just get away from your phone and computer, and go outside, put your face to the sun — Vitamin D is so important — and breathe in some fresh air,” she says. “It’s so healing. It can totally reset your whole day.”

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