Maintaining Health and Wellness With Nutrition Coach Keira Rumble

With a rallying cry of #healthyishappy, self-proclaimed foodie Keira Rumble travels the world promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, balance and inside-out beauty. We recently sat down with the blogger and nutrition coach to discuss Krumballs, wellness hacks and her secret to glowing skin.

Organic Authority: What’s in your natural beauty bag? (what can’t you live without)

Keira Rumble: Essential oil face mister, a good vitamin c serum, a good balm (I love Black Chicken Remedies or Beauty Chef Beauty Balm), and a really good BB cream + lip/cheek tint!

OA: Are there any beauty tips you swear by?

KR: I made the swap to a complete natural beauty regimen only a year ago, my skin has really reaped the benefits! Before showering in the morning, I love dry brushing. I will finish my shower with a cold rinse, walk straight to the fridge and get my chilled puffy eye roller (essential oil roller with anti-inflammatory / cooling oils). Dry brushing – great for circulation! Serum in morning / jojoba oil at night = a recipe for glowing skin! Nutrition and collagen-based food = my skin always is at its best when I focus on the inside out.

OA: What are your favorite wellness hacks to keep your energy up while staying centered and calm (stress-free)?

KR: Meditate! I have found meditating every morning, followed by a quick 3-5 minute stretching routine helps me focus and set my intentions for the day. I suffer from adrenal fatigue, so energy is not something I find easily! I also love tongue pulling, it helps clear toxins and I can actually really notice a difference in my skin and overall health. I will always carry around a face mister! It is like coffee for the face. I suffer from anxiety, so when I feel stressed, I have a little hand movement across my palm that helps me center myself and instantly calms me. I also have an app on my apple watch which is really handy too that has a similar concept.

“Through my own weight loss journey (of 25kgs) I noticed that there were so many products on the market that called themselves “Protein Balls/Bars” and in fact, they had more sugar than protein”

OA: What made you study nutrition?

KR: I actually started studying as I was extremely sick growing up and in my early 20’s. After going to dozens of doctors and actually getting sicker, I decided that I wasn’t going to really get better until I truly understood how my body worked. I majored in how the mind gut connection is severely altered by what you eat, which Is something that I am extremely passionate about.

OA: How did you come about creating Krumballs and what makes them so special?

KR: Through my own weight loss journey (of 25kgs) I noticed that there were so many products on the market that called themselves “Protein Balls/Bars” and in fact, they had more sugar than protein. I simply started making my own for myself and then was asked to make them for a charity day. At that charity event I was then asked by the local cafes to make some for them. So, I took advantage of that gap in the market place, up scaled and created it into a business, we have moved from hand rolled café style to a more mainstream product, without compromising on ingredients. Which, might make it a little bit more expensive for us to produce, but well worth it!

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